This blog is all about healing the skin naturally. Our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on on the inside. So how do we heal it? And what are is the cause? Down below i listed an table of most common causes linked to the skin reflections. Now this of course varies for everyone. Which is why this blog is filled with as much information and remedies, to help you heal your skin for good.

Stress or worry

In western society, roughly 40% of our daily energy gets wasted to overthinking and creating stress ourselves. Now this has great effects on your skin, which causes a lack of energy, and reflects in dullness, Acne and Eczemia. Now of course we can never fully get rid of stress. It is a part of our lives. But we can decrease it, by unfollowing certain beauty standards and accepting yourself. By letting go of toxic people or places. By stopping ourselves from procrastinating, and lastly meditating. When we meditate in the morning, we empty out our mind, this helps us handle stressful situations better over time. So it helps you stay calm, present and energized! Find a solution that suits you, and see your skin transform.

A link to a less stressful live:

Hormonal imbalances

Now for this specific topic I made a separate blog as well, full of tips and remedies, link is down below. Some things that can help are, eating at the same time everyday. This helps our body get used to it, and decrease stress overall. Eating enough macros in our daily diet. This one is the most important factor, because if we don’t eat enough, how do we expect to feel, or look healthy? And lastly, lessening your coffee and processed sugar intake. Because of the spikes we get multiple times a day, our system gets beaten down. And this has a massive impact on your skin, which causes lots of breakouts, redness, Rosacea and even eczema. So by taking it down to minimum processed sugar, and max of 2 cups of coffee a day. We can create a better place for natural healing of the skin.

Link to balancing hormones:

Unhealthy gut

Take a food intolerance test at your doctors office, or take on online. Its super easy, and even if you don’t find an intolerance, you at least checked. Another great tool is by keeping a food journal, here you write down all your meals and any symptoms you had later that day. Both these methods help you find an intolerance or an specific food group that messes with your skin. This is because the skin is a direct reflection of our gut. So it our gut is not healthy, our skin cannot be healthy either. The symptoms do not have to be big, it can be itching skin, more redness, the small symptoms are the usually indicators we are looking for. And try taking probiotics right before going to bed.

Link to healing the gut:

Suppressed emotions

So it is no secret that we all suppress a lot of emotions, whether that is because you think you need to be strong, or that you need to stay presentable. The way we push down our emotions has become extremely toxic. And you can see it in our skin health. Now the simple ( or not so simple ) solution for this, is to get it out. Suppressed tears create literal toxins in our cells and they can create real damage. So the next time you feel like crying, or screaming do so. Just feel it. It will not be the end of the world, just do not hurt anyone in the process. Stand up for yourself when you can, but keep it respectable. Another great tip is daily journaling. This way you don’t have to throw a vase, or a fight. But you can safely, write down your feelings, fears or thoughts. This way you can get it out of your system. It is time to release them, you deserve it.

Link to healing suppressed emotions:

Now let’s get into some of my favorite, and best tested herbal remedies. To fasten the healing process, get rid of any scarring, and detoxify the skin for good.

Camomile tea

This herb helps to calm your nerve system, gets rid of any stress hormones in the body. It reduces inflammation whether that is the redness of acne, or rosacea, or the itching of eczema. Both get calmed by intaking this daily. There are even great skincare brands that are full of camomile. But you do want to make sure it comes from a natural, good source. Which is why I love taking drinking the tea. This way you calm the hormones that cause the redness, instead of calm the redness but not the hormones.

Best to take 1 cup before breakfast and 1 before dinner, overdoing it will not improve the benefits.

Burdock root

This is for my people with bloating, constipation, or stomach aches along with their skin issues. This herb is loaded with antioxidants ( healers and strengtheners of our natural healing system) it is filled with gut healing probiotics, and it helps you absorb the nutrients of your food better. While cleansing the body, and skin, from the inside out.

Nettle tea/tinctures

Brittle nails, dry skin, hair fall, breakouts on the lower part of the face, late night cravings? This one is for you. Packed with fiber and hormonal balancing properties. Whether that is from too much estrogen, or progesterone. The enzymes in this tea helps balance the entire system, while you clean out you diet. Wink;-)

Wild pansy

Poor circulation, visible veins, poor stamina, ‘itching’ legs at night, cold hands and feet. This one is for you, this herb cleanses out the veins from the inside. Say goodbye to any blood clogs or dirty veins. It stimulates the produce of new skin cells, makes the skin more elastic and bouncy, while giving it a radiant glow!

Holy basil

This one is called holy for a reason. After taking this herb daily, you can safely throw out your vitamin c serums. This herb is a natural serum that soothes fine lines and wrinkles, it heals the skin barriers from any scars or pigmentation. And it is shown to heal many cases of eczema and even some patients of psoriasis for good. ( I will put a link down below to help you make a natural healing lotion at home! ).

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