Dealing with pain is something we want to avoid, or numb as quickly as we can. Which is of course understandable. But because we have become so used to taking conventional pain killers, such as aspirin or iboprufen. We actually make ourselves more sick, on the long term. This is because we don’t know about all the great herbal remedies there are to sooth specific or global pain in the body. Which is why we have prepared for you, some of our best tested painkillers. That can help you not only sooth the pain, but often even heal you for good. So let’s get started

Natural painkillers

Here are a few natural painkillers to help you sooth, and maybe even heal your pain. All people experience pain in their live. And it is completely natural. What isn’t natural is the way we handle pain. We are taught to immediately look for white or pink pills and sedate the pain, and numb our immune system. But the time has come again to look for natural remedies. Because there are a lot of them, that absolutely will help you, and can even heal the pain for good. So let us get started.

Warmth gives

The Chinese medicine has been telling us for decades, cold takes energy, and warmth gives energy. Nw this comes into play with food/drinks and shower/baths. And what I mean by this is, when our bodies are under pain, it causes a lot of stress on the body. This results in a weekend immune system and it stops or slows down production of our natural pain killing hormones (that we all have inside of us). And this is something we want to avoid. Which is why I recommend anyone, with any kind of pain, to warm your body as much as possible. So teas, warm soups, warm showers, etc. This will not only help your body, but it will also calm your mind, and in turn give you more energy to help your body heal or sooth the pain faster.

Now if you are someone who experiences a lot of headaches/migraines I made a separate blog for you, full of tips, remedies and natural pain soothers.

-Stomach/ belly area pain-


This herb soothes the inflammation, which soothes the pain. It creates a protective layer between the organ and the food. This way the area cannot get irritated more, and can heal itself without being disturbed .

No complex carbs

Cut down on complex carbs. Now what I mean with complex carbs is, overly processed foods like bread, pasta, donuts, energy bars, cookies. And instead replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables, or some gluten free options if you really have to. The reason for this is because the body is not meant to eat gluten, or at least not the gluten we see in products. And because the body is not programmed to digest these foods, it can only lead to irritation, lack of energy, skin issues, etc. Now this may not be the case with everybody, because some bodies can handle it longer than others. But the road only goes down if we keep eating these depriving foods. So cut down as much as you can, and watch yourself heal.

Slippery elm

This one goes back centuries. To our great American ancestors, bless them.

This herb is an instant reliever of any pain related to the digestive organs. It helps to flush out the ‘bad guys’, or the ‘stuck guys’. It balances your stomach acid, while getting you energized and rid of your nausea. A great friend to anyone who can use it.

-Chronic pain-

Again, for this specific topic I made an separate blog, full of tips, remedies and natural pain soothers.

An easy trick to use right now, to relax and soothe the pain. Is by filling up your bath tub with fresh lavender. You want your bath to be a little steamy, this way you can inhale and absorb the nutrients. When one does not have a bath, you can also bind the lavender right under your shower head. This way you still inhale all the benefits and become much more relaxed and ready to get a great night of rest.

-Period pain-

It is no taboo that a great part of the population gets their period every month. And for some, this is not a relief, but more a painful experience. So here are some of my best remedies listed down below. May it help you, and connect you back to the beauty of this time.

Dandelion root

This herb helps to smooth out the blood flow. So basically the pain that comes with periods is caused by the harshness of how the blood lets go of the vagina walls. And what this herb does, is it creates a smooth transition. Not this may give you more blood flow in the first few days. But as a lot of studies have shown, taking this herb 2 days before the period starts, during and 2 days after. For 3-5 months. Can completely heal the way you bleed. Making it a painless period even after you stop taking the herb. Now of course this varies for everybody. But after 4 months, I myself never had the severe pain again ( even now, 2 years later ).

Ladies mantel

This herb is great for any pain related to menopause or period pains. What this herb does is, it balances and regulates the hormones. Especially the ones related to our cycle. So while it is healing the pain for good, it also makes sure you don’t get the pain during the healing period. It is best to take it for 2 months, on a daily basis.

-Arthrits- -muscle pain/stifness-

Cats claw

Arthirts comes from inflamed, and sometimes even infected joints. Which make the joints dry, and brittle, which stops a proper blood flow and causes pain. Now what cats claw does, is it is highly anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. So not only does it flush out the toxins and the infection on the joint, and so sooth the pain and may even heal entirely. But it also becomes like a moisterizer on the dry joints. Making it more elastic and creating a better place for proper blood and oxygen flow.


This may not be a herb, but it is a really great spice. Both for muscle pains, and joint pains. Loaded with antioxidants, really highly anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial. This spice strengthens our bodies natural healing mechanism, while soothing the pain from the inside, as well as outside.

Turmeric topic healing

Taking 1,5 table spoon of turmeric, as well as 1,5 table spoon of water. And making this into a paste. Smothering that on the aching muscle/joint, and closing it up with a bandage for up to 6 hours. Then rising it off with Luke warm water.

This easy topic healing method is a great way to get all the toxins out of a specific part of your body. It reliefs the pain while boosting your immune system. An absolute game changer.

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