Daily chronic pain is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. So it is no surprise these individuals take conventional pain relievers on a daily basis. But sadly, these pills are injections come with a lot of bad side effects that can even worsen your situation. And in the most cases takes the joy away form the daily life. So to help you on your journey, we have listed some of our best tested and natural remedies to sooth and maybe even heal your chronic pain.

First and foremost I want to highlight that, although these remedies are perfect replacements of painkillers. I do not recommend quitting your conventional medicine immediately after trying a natural remedy. What I can recommend is slowly lowering your dosis of your doctors pills, and from there transitioning into a more natural approach. The reason for this is, because of our past use of conventional medicine, along with our highly processed diet. Our own natural healing mechanism got numbed. And so when we take natural remedies, we don’t see the same results as the strong chemical medicine. But this can be changed, and I highly recommend you to do so. But how do we do that? All the natural tips and remedies listed down below will help you sooth the pain, while healing and rejuvenating our entire system. So lets get started.


If you’ve been having terrible pain the entire day, I understand you do not want to move a lot. But what happens when we only lay down is, our muscles get stiff and dry. Which makes it hard for the oxygen and minerals to get through your body. Now this may not be your top priority, but when our muscles move on a daily. They become lean and ‘wet’. Which in turn connects them to the bodies natural healing mechanism. This basically means less pain, smoother and faster recovery and improved blood flow. So more energy, a better mood and less pain. So slow and gentle yoga flows, a walk around the house. Do what feels food, but get up and heal yourself.


Another common side effect of chronic pain (which makes it een worse), is feeling guilty or stressed for ‘not doing anything’, or feeling like a burden. But when we are stressed, we tense, and when we tense our muscles we narrow our blood flow, and so oxygen flow. And basically stop our bodies from healing itself. Now when you have a hernia you might think, I can’t heal this myself. Which you are right about, but your body can naturally relief its pain, when giving the right circumstances. And what it needs is less stress. So trying meditations, even 5 minutes can make a difference. There are a ton of simple beginner meditations on YouTube. Not only will you feel calmer, but your system will relax to. Which again, results in all the benefits listed above.

A good diet

We are what we eat, we heard it a thousand times. But when we eat a lot of pasta, bread etc. we take energy from the body so instead try eating more natural foods and watch your energy increase, your mood improve, and your recovery fasten up. And maybe lose some extra weight too, great. ( of course w can ‘treat ourselves’ but in the long term you are making yourself sicker, the choice is yours ).

Omega 3 & 9 fats

A lot of chronic pain stems from some kind of inflammation in the body. Now this means that there is a dry and brittle place in your body, and because of its inflammation and lack of ‘wetness’, oxygen flow is stalled and the area sends out pain signals to the brain because it is unhealthy and maybe slowly daying. Now because of the lack of omegas in our daily diet the area of inflammation will get dryer and more brittle and cause more and longer pain. But by increasing omega specifically 3 & 9, you will send moisture to that place, help the blood flow and heal and sooth your pain naturally. Now where do we get omega 3 & 9, whole foods are the best, so fatty fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil, other nut oils, and of course supplements.

Now let’s get into the herbal remedies to sooth the pain, get your energy and mood up and maybe even help you heal entirely.

Ginseng root

Native Americans and old Chinese medicine knew all along, this is the best painkiller. That comes without side effects, strengthens your immune system, it boosts your blood flow to places of restriction and increasing the production of our bodies pain killing hormones. And the last special benefit I want to highlight is its anti inflammatory properties and natural detoxifing benefits. This is truly the holy herb to get rid of, and sooth chronic pain. So 2 cups a day, overdoing it will not improve the benefit, and watch yourself get better.

Blood root/ Red root

The same herb, but different names in different parts of the world. This magical herb is extremely beneficial for any pain related to blood. Whether that is in the mouth and jaw area, blood infections, arthritis and even blood cancer. This herb cleanses the blood flow, and boosts new and clean red blood cells throughout the body. It fights inflammation that causes the pain, and flushes it out. Now for this specific herb I like to advice tinctures. These are little, often bitter drops of the pure herb that immediately get into the blood flow. Now this is very beneficial for the problems around blood, since it can immediately start working. The bottle usually tells frequently to take the drops, but often it is around 22 drops, twice a day.


These are two variates of weed oil. THC being a booster of your bodies natural pain killing hormones, along with giving you an euphoric feeling after taking it while also keeping you active and energized. Now I really want to emphasize, as much as I understand the easy road it gives you to a happier state, do not get addicted. That being said. The second stronger option is CBD, now most people know this herb, it is an amazing immediate pain reliever, boosts natural painkilling hormones, and helps you come into a relaxed state.

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