In order for us to balance our hormones, to keep our focus, to feel relaxed we need our blood sugar to be stable. If our blood sugar levels are constantly dropping or going up, we not only endanger to diabetes. But we also let this dictate our live, having to constantly eat snacks, not being able to focus and so on. So how do we balance our plate in a way that we can stay nourished. What can we put on our plate, and how can we balance our plate out, so that we can feed our bodies right. 

Because when we balance our plate and food out, we create a balance within our body. And a balance within our body creates more relaxation, focus and fun! So let’s get into it.

Just 3 times a day

Due to the abundance of food surrounding us in society, we have adapted the habit of constant snacking. Now I’m not saying you are doing something wrong. But due to snacking habits, or just popping food into your mouth every time you see it, we are creating the following scenario.

There is a balance within the body for everything, just like for digestion and detox.

When our body is busy digesting our food, it cannot release the garbage within our cells. The liver cannot clean itself, the gallbladder does not get the time to fully empty out, and the list goes on. This results in weight gain and unwanted piling up of toxins within our system. And a piling up of toxins within the body when we already live in a highly toxic environment is not helping anyone. Now we can do juice cleanses all we want, but our body detoxifies itself everyday- if it get’s the time to.

So by eating 3 nourishing meals, we not only energize our body, optimize the nutrients within our food, but also give our body the time to do other tasks like detoxify our insides. Not only are 3 meals more than enough each day, but they will also provide a balance within our system.

Now a quick disclaimer: When you are someone who struggles with diabetes within the family or yourself, or have thyroid issues try to take smaller steps towards achieving 3 meals. And always ask your specialist if you are working with one.

Eating without distractions

Eating without distractions may be something you have heard a hundredth times before. But have you ever actually done it? Now more than ever we need time to do nothing. To just sit and eat, enjoy the company of your family, or that of yourself. No phones, series, or books. Making yourself comfortable with being by yourself, as well as focusing on the food you are eating.

When we eat without distractions we can taste the food we eat, feel when we have had enough or need more, and we can chew properly. Each bite needs the be well chewed, 20-30 times per bite actually.

By chewing 20-30 times we give our body the opportunity to fully absorb all the nutrients within our food. By slowing down and having a peaceful undisturbed mean we give our nervous system the time to relax. Thus shifting from fight and flight, to rest and digest.

Balancing out the plate

When it comes to the plate itself, there are no set rules. 

One size fits none, meaning that every body needs different amounts of fats/proteins and vegetables. For a women every week in her cycles is asking her to eat differently. Which is why we want to give you tips on how to balance out your plate, but other than that we advice you to learn how to listen to your body, and find what works for your body.


Look at what is growing around you. Try to eat seasonally, as that is what your body needs at that time of year. For example, Winters in holland are empty of fruits, and most plants that grow above ground. Which is why in winters we focus on more meat, more beans, more fish and more cabbage vegetables. 


Try to eat your biggest plate at lunch. At night we won’t be burning a lot of calories, and our body is slowly getting ready for sleep. Which is why we don’t want to over eat at night. Late night cravings is your bodies way of telling you that breakfast and lunch was not enough. So try to make lunch your biggest meal.


Always combine fats with protein and vegetables.  We want our focus to be on colors, and on fats and protein. Fats slow down your digestion, making you satisfied for a longer time, they are not the enemy. Which is why you always want to look at your plate, and be able to clearly point at a healthy fat source, a protein source, and some colored vegetables. 

Again, if you are someone who enjoys more carbs in meals, than do that. 


Every body is different, so really take the time to chew your meals slowly, feel if the meals are enough or maybe too much, and learn from your body. Only you now what is best for you that day, but with these tips you can create a meal that fits you.

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You can create more balance within your body with these tips. But only through actually trying them out for yourself, and learning to listen to your body and finding your balance.


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