What are your cravings trying to tell you?

Our bodies are talking to us every single day. They tell us what they need to thrive, and become the best versions of themselves. But it is up to us to listen, and learn to listen to your body. And one way that we can do that is by listening to your cravings. 

I hope it has become clear to you now that our body cannot literally speak with words to you, and tell you it needs more hydration. Because you would have heard it by now.  Your body speaks to you through feelings and more specifically through cravings. So what are your cravings trying to tell you? What does your body need to thrive? Let’s find out.

Bread and pasta

Let’s start with a tricky one. 

Our cravings can lead us in the right direction, meaning they can show us what we are lacking.

But they can also deceive us, by making us crave things that feed the wrong guys that have overstayed they welcome. 

In our gut we have billions of different gut bacteria. Together they form our microbiome that digest our energy, helps to absorb nutrients out of our food, and help create hormones that make you feel pleasure, happiness and creative. But we also have bacteria that drain our energy, that makes us feel bloated and even sick. Now it is easy to see that we want a lot of the good guys, and less of the bad ones. And that is all dictated by how and what we eat. Because you guessed it, bread and pasta’s feed the bad guys. Refined grains in particular are empty sugars that these bad bacteria thrive on, making you feel dull and empty. But just like the rest of us, they need food to stay alive. Which is making you constantly crave bread and pasta like foods.

Now we don’t want to completely demonize bread or pasta’s. It is important for me to say that no foods are bad foods. But if you want to live more energized and happy, you might want to ignore these cravings, or chose the sourdough option.


Cripsy chips or salty crackers, for many people these salty crunchy snacks or there everyday cravings. But craving salt has a direct connection to our hydration levels. Hydrating ourselves goes a step further just drinking water. Because the actual hydration comes from the minerals within the water. Now the tap water we are used to drinking is being cleaned before we drink it. And this cleansing process strips the water from the minerals we so badly need. Resulting in constant cravings of salty snacks.

Now minerals are not just needed for hydration, but they play a role in a lot of bodily processes such as building muscle, keeping strong bones and teeth, and creating energy from the foods we eat. Minerals are extremely important for a healthy lifestyle, and we get to thank salty cravings for leading us there.

So re-mineralizing yourself with a pinch of Celtic salt in your water. Taking a mineral supplement, drinking from a filtered and re-mineralized bottle, and upping your intake of organic vegetables can all help you to fill up on the minerals you need, and curb the salty cravings forever.


Where to start? Cookies, candy, fruit, the list goes on.

Sweet cravings say a lot about our blood sugar, and how it may need help to balance itself more. If you feel yourself constantly needing to eat snacks, and in particular snacks that taste sweet and heavy, your body is asking for help.

When we eat food, our body cuts the food into little pieces, these little pieces get cut even smaller in our gut, and dived into nutrients and garbage. The nutrients get to go through the gates and into our blood stream. In our blood stream the nutrients get transported to the cells, to be made into energy or other things. 

Now within our blood stream we need to have a balance. We need enough nutrients to keep us energized and happy, but not to much to become stressed and overwhelmed.  But this blood balance can easily get out of balance when we eat differently than our body needs.  Now when we eat something high in sugar, this balancing line goes through the roof really fast and after a while also drops down really fast and really low. Now at this low point, we instantly crave food, and more specifically sweet things. 

This is your body trying to survive, meaning these sweet cravings are not trying to make you fat, and they also don’t mean you are weak. What they are trying to show you is that your blood sugar is out of balance. And so instead of instantly reaching for something sweet. Try to make a bigger meal for yourself. Full of healthy fats and protein. 

By making a nourishing meal, you nourish your body, making your blood sugar go back into balance and helping you say goodbye to the sweet cravings. 

For tips on how to balance your plate out, read our specific blog:



Within the realm of sour we have two types. We either have the sour fruits like limes, grape fruits and green apples. Or we have the sour candies.

For the sour fruit cravings, your body is again telling you to re-mineralize itself.  It needs more hydration to release a build up of toxins, or to feed our kidneys. For tips on this type of look at the tips beneath the title salty.

When you are craving for sour candies. These cravings are telling you to look at your blood sugar balance, as well as your hydration levels. In this case it is best to read the whole blog through.


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