“I really can’t live without bread.” “

Why do I keep craving bread? I do want to live a healthier life, get rid of my eczema, lower cholesterol or lose weight, but I can’t live without bread. When I wake up I immediately get cravings for bread.. Does this sounds familiar to you? Are you someone who cannot get rid of a craving? And can replace the bread with every other food or beverage here.

What happens on the inside

Your intestinal flora ensures that you get an appetite for what feeds the biggest bacteria cultures that live there. So when you have collected an excess of overgrowth of yeast and easily said: bread bacteria, your body keeps asking for it. Because the bread feeds the bacteria that you collected over the years. And yeast or so called bad gut bacteria only damage your intestines, and weaken your immune system.

Now yeast does only contribute to inflammation in your entire body. It may also give you skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and tiny red bumps on the upper arms and face. But the list does not end there, as rheumatis and auto immune diseases have been linked to a gut dysbiosis.

And a quick disclaimer, this is not to say that bread is bad and that bad gut bacteria are only sustained by bread. Because that is not the case. We can feed our gut whatever we want, but it comes with consequences on both sides. When we feed our gut fibers, minerals and fermented probiotics we feed our good gut bacteria. Good meaning the bacteria that build our system up, that make us more energized and strengthen our immune system. Or we can choose to dim our immune system, dim our light and energy by choosing the easy road. The road full of quick bars, and deep fried meals, and lot’s of empty calories in whatever form you can find. You can choose to fuel your body, or you can choose to fill up your body.

The choice is really yours, and only yours. And you can make mistakes, you do not have to keep a perfect diet to create a healthier life for yourself. Because that is simply not manageable for most of us. But you can choose to take little steps into the right direction, and to keep growing in your health!

let’s get back on track

When you start to eat foods that are actually food. Food that your great grandmother could recognize, food that still contains vitamines and minerals and grew from the earth. You start to slowly experience better focus, your blood sugar remains more stable and therefore stay energized throughout the day. You start getting better and better. But we all know this.

So why do I still keep getting these cravings?

When we give our body fuel it needs, we are basically filling up our empty drawers. These drawers may have been empty for a long time, or just a short time. But we need to fill these drawers up to heal ourselves. When fuel our body right and keep it up for 1-2 weeks, we will not immediate changes, because our body will always start to heal the most urgent matters first.

And this is usually muscle mass or tendons. But when we keep fueling our body for 3, 4 weeks and making this new diet change a habit. We start to notice our taste pallet changes.

Now we’ve all spoken to a really healthy person, who loves the taste of bitter chocolate, or really prefers crucifers for dinner. Now this is something very normal that happens when we heal our gut, and change our microbiome from a war zone, to a cosy home for the good guys. Because the gut dictates what we like to eat. It will literally ask for that which feeds the bacteria that live there, even if these guys are slowly killing you.


To make matters really simple, we need to change our diet, to get rid of cravings. And changing our diet comes with numerous more benefits such as losing excess weight, clearing up the skin, improving your mental focus and mental happiness, increasing your energy levels and stabilizing them!

This all only requires a little dedication, and perseverance but your life span and life quality will improve so much. 30 days is all it takes to heal the first layer of the gut barrier, this will make you more energized, produce more serotonine ( the happy hormone ), and lose some excess weight. The second 30 days will completely renew your microbiome ( so the bacteria that live there ) and the PH levels. And that will lead to healthy cravings, a stronger mind, a happier mind, an energetic body and no more annoying symptoms.

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Now that you know a little more about how the gut works, you can apply this information to your puzzle.

And decide for yourself whether this information is true to you or not.