Starting a Gluten free lifestyle

First of all, What are gluten? What products contain gluten? And why is everyone obsessed with living a gluten-free lifestyle? These are all great questions I will be answering in this text, so please keep reading if you are ready to learn.

What are Gluten?

Gluten is a general name used for a protein found in many different grains. There is not One gluten, but the proteins in the category gluten can trigger the same reactions and need the same enzymes to be broken down. Grains need certain enzymes, fiber and minerals to be broken down. When gluten are stripped down from their ‘peel’, all of the good stuff get’s removed. This results in really fast carbs, and empty calories that damage the gut. Now some people notice this more than others, but the gluten that we use nowadays are not feeding our bodies or bringing us any benefits.

Gluten is used for pastries, bread, pasta’s, cookies, crackers, granola, muesli’s, and of course in the grain themselves. Gluten makes a dish more fluffy and help the product stay together, and give a products texture. But there are many gluten free alternatives that have these same benefits! You can find a gluten free option for everything you need.

I’ve skipped over it briefly, but why do we want to avoid gluten? What is it that they do to our bodies? Gluten are hard to digest as they are being sold right now.

They are empty calories and fast carbs, which spike your blood sugar like crazy! These proteins overwhelm our cells, which make you feel overwhelmed, and easily triggered over time. And lastly, gluten feed the wrong gut bacteria ( and making you seek sugary foods late at night ).

So what does this all mean?

Because the hull ( outer layer ) around the grain is being removed, so are the good minerals and fibers. This means that only the inside of the grain is being used in the mass production of today’s world. And this inside of a grains is made up of sugar ( glucose ), water, and some remaining B vitamins, if they survive our mass production and high heat. Meaning that when we eat gluten wanting to become more energized and fill up our bodies, that does not happen. You can eat and eat until all of the sudden you become so full it makes you nauseous and bloated.

A cell with a receptor.

Inside our bodies we have this beautiful system called: Our digestive system. When we eat and chew something, it goes down into your stomach, through your duodenum, get’s in contact with you gallbladder, liver and pancreas, and moves down to your small intestine. Inside the small intestine all of the good stuff gets absorbs, meaning: vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Meaning the big pieces you chew, get broken down into even smaller pieces. Now when a tomato gets into your stomach, all of the vitamins get used for building blocks, and the fiber helps to slow this proces down so that not every piece of carb ends up in yet another fat cell on your hip. The only problem with gluten is, almost all of the fibers are removed. Meaning that the only remaining stuff is the glucose ( sugar ). Now we all need glucose, don’t get me wrong. But when we feed our body glucose without some protein, fiber or at least some minerals to help your body digest this high energy product. Your cells get overwhelmed.

When everything is divided, the vitamines, the glucose and the macro’s get transported into your bloodstream to a cell. When a piece of glucose arrives at the door of the cell, the cell opens up and transforms this cell into energy that you can than use to all sorts of things within to body! But when we only feed our body sugar, the glucose does not get split into sections that knock on the door every few minutes. The glucose travel at once to your cells, and this completely overwhelms the cells, and can even make them go to sleep for a little while. Becoming resistant, and instead of burning the sugar into energy, the cell sends the glucose to the fat cells, for storage!

And even when you would be eating tomatoes after eating a lot of gluten, you feel like you are gaining weight. Sounds familiar? Your old aunt telling you she gains weight from even looking at a cookie? She probably is! All of this is reversible, but it is also avoidable and not a scenario we want ourselves to be in.

Now for some people the gluten stay longer inside the bloodstream, and make us really hyper.

While others store it first. But the dips always come, after eating a lot of bread we usually feel really lazy and tired. And overtime you can even become easily triggered and overwhelmed, lazy and even depressed. All because of what we put into our body, usually because it’s fast.

We are quite literally what we eat.

This is not a joke, or a cute quote to help you lose weight. Our cells, muscles and bones are made up out of what we feed ourselves. You can be thriving or you can be surviving, and the power is all in your own hands. The choice is easy, it will take some determination and some support. But choosing a happier, more energized and peaceful life start with what you eat. If you do not believe me, make a challenge for yourself. Eat gluten free for 2 weeks, be a little strict for yourself, and see what happens! I promise you will love it.

So all in all, the people obsessed with living a gluten-free lifestyle, are actually taking care of themselves. And are treating themselves to a more energized, happier and more centered life! And you can too.

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