These beans will change your health. Beans are not only a great way to add more protein into your diet. They are also a good sources of fiber. Fiber feeds our right gut bacteria. Which is exactly what we want for more energy, more focus and creativity, better digestion and balanced hormones!

Today’s blog will be all about the different ways i use beans in my diet. The benefits of these different beans, and ofcourse the amount of fiber in there! So let’s get right into it.


Whether it is in a hummus, or as a protein source in your salad. Chickpeas are great beans to start off with. They are easily digestible, they are a good source of protein, and they help your body get used to more fiber in a more gentle way.

Lot’s of people tend to stay away from beans because of past experiences with some variation of a chili that held them stuck on a toilet for hours. But when starting off with chickpeas, you can help your body get used to more beans, and more fiber! Which in turn helps your gut tremendously, and you will notice the benefits even in a few days. Chickpeas are a good source of calcium, magnesium and arginine.

They contain 17 g – 0,59 ounces of fiber.

Kidney beans

These beans are called kidney beans for a reason, they are full of potassium, iron and carry different properties that help your body detoxify your bloodstream. In different native villages around the world these beans are used to help a person get rid of kidney stones and build up toxins.

Kidney beans are a high protein source and can be used in just about any dish. Whether you top them on some whole grain tortilla chips or add them into a curry. The high amount of fiber in kidney beans are the perfect food for your gut, now you want to be careful when starting out, as this bean is one of the harder beans to digest. Which is why it is best to add small portions, and grow from there!

They contain 25 g – 0,88 ounces of fiber.

Adzuki beans

Used for their nutty flavor in beans paste, or in a vegan Indian dal these beans are just the best! When first starting out with these types of beans was like a whole new world of plant based cooking. Beans that add a beautiful flavor instead of just a new texture. These beans are as said before, a nutty and kind off peanut butter flavored bean. I love adding these into a curry, or using them in plant based noodle recipe.

Adzuki beans are a good source of antioxidants, vitamine B9 and potassium. Great beans for supporting heart health, and of course a great source of fiber to feed our good gut bacteria!

They contain 13 g – 0,45 ounces of fiber.

Black beans

Super high in magnesium, phosphorus and vitamine K. These beans are an official superfood because of their high nutritional value. Used in tortilla’s, paired in a corn salad or as a burger. These beans are again multi purposeful. Proven to help lower high cholesterol levels, balance our blood sugar levels and build up our damaged intestinal wall.

Again starting with smaller portions to help your body get used to the higher amounts of fiber. And step for step getting your gut back into a symbiose.

They contain 8,9 g – 0,31 ounces of fiber.


Low sodium, cholesterol free and good for weight loss. These beans are an amazing option for anyone struggling with low energy levels, excessive weight and high LDL cholesterol levels. Mung beans carry great sources of minerals, fiber and protein. This beautiful mix of nutritional value added into a curry or stew is a good ticket to better health.

Feeding your good gut bacteria, helping you clean out the arteries from the lazy cholesterol, helping you stop late night cravings while staying full for a longer time. It’s like everything we want in one. Then pair those benefits with a good source of vitamin C and folate, and you get mung beans. Your new best friend.

They contain 24 g – 0,84 ounces of fiber.

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