5 Best seeds and their benefits

Protein has become a really popular topic now a days, but what happend to fiber? Fiber is incredibly important for our gut health, as it is the only way to feed the right gut bacteria. And the right gut bacteria our needed for pretty much everything we want our bodies to do. Such as, create healthy moisturised skin, balance our hormones, keep viruses out of our system, and help us to stay focused and grounded in our hectic lives! Fiber can be added in different ways, such a fruits, vegetables, beans and seeds.

And today’s blog will be all about the ways to use different seeds. What there benefits of these different seeds are, and why seeds are such an important factor in increasing your daily fiber intake. They are easily added into every dish, and come with great benefits!

I encourage you to pick one or two seeds to start out with. This way you can get used to the high fiber intake, and make seeds a new habit in your routine. Which will only lead to better things, so let’s get started!

Pumpkin seed

These seeds are my absolute favourite, and i use them everyday. Adding a bite to your soups, salads or steamed veggies just by adding a small handfull of pumkin seeds. The seeds are a good fiber source while also being full of zinc! Which does not only improve your skin health, but also helps to heal your gut barrier.

Now before we move on, it is important to note that all these seeds are good in small portions a day. You want to add a small handfull into your daily routine, but not go crazy on any of them. This will not speed up the healing process, but will more likely stagnate it. Too much is never better, so try to add a small handfull a day, and let that be enough, because it is.

Fiber per 100g- 3.5274 ounces: 18g – 0.63 ounces


Now before you think, but quinoa is a grain? It is actually not, quinoa is a seed, and it is a great alternative to grains. You can use it in varies ways, such as porridges, a salad base, or as a replacement for rice in one of your favourite dishes. The reason i love quinoa is because it is not only high in fiber, but also high in protein! Which is a win win.

Quinoa is a good source of calcium and magnesium, which are balancing minerals most of us lack. And as a bonus you get a good source of fosfor which will help you focus and stay calm in difficult situations.

Fiber per 100g- 3.5274 ounces: 7g – 0.24 ounces.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds provide a lot of Copper, selenium, zinc and iron! Which means these seeds contribute to more balanced hormones, and a healthier gut! All while being a good source of fiber to add to your diet. My personal favourite way to use these seeds is by adding them into a savory dish. This may sound strange, but the texture added into a savory dish makes everything so much better!

Now this seed may not be extremely high in fiber, but the seed is easily absorbed.
Which makes it a great option for people just starting their health journey. Because more often than not, your body has to get used to the increased intake of fiber. And by starting of by a really soothing and healing seed as hemp, you can let your body get used to more fibers, which then leads to longer term habits!

Fiber per 100g- 3.5274 ounces: 4g – 0.14 ounces.

Chia seeds

You probably heared about chia seeds before. Usually in a drink, or as a pudding to replace your regular yoghurt. Chia seeds absorbs a lot of water, which makes it a great way to get rid of constipation or diarrea ( yes both! ) You just add them into a bowl of luke warm water, wait 10 to 30 minutes, and use it as a pudding!

This seed is great for brain health as it is high in omega 3 fatty acids. It is high in calcium, iron and magnesium which again can be so grounding for people with anxiety and make you more creative and focused.

Note: You want to drink at least a liter of water when using chia seeds into your diet. The seeds continue to extract water, which can be a great tool to stop diarrea. But when you are someone who is struggeling with constipation, not drinking enough water can make things worse. So drink a minimum of 1 liter of water during the same day.

Fiber per 100g- 3.5274 ounces: 34g – 1.19 ounces.

Fenugreek seeds

When talking of fenugreek seeds, it is usually a love or hate thing! Some people love this seed, while others hate the smell of it. Fenugreek seeds are really good to use as a tea, when just starting out. The reason why i encourage everybody to at least try, is because this seed is great for detoxification! It flushes out everything that is not suppose to stay inside your body, while also feeding your gut with it’s good mineral profile.

This seed is high in niacin, zinc, iron and phospherous, which al feed our good gut biome. Now if you want to get used to the taste, try adding it into your tea paired with some green tea, this helps you get used to the taste ( and detox )
Later on you can start to use it in curries, or as a normal spice in your favourite dishes.

Fiber per 100g- 3.5274: 25g – 0.88 ounces.

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