No results on a healthy diet? Here is why.

Have you been eating healthier, but without results? Are you someone who has been using new supplements, creating new recipes or even a whole new diet, but the only difference is that you are now more tired of all the work? Than this blog is for you. Today we are discussing the different reasons why you might not be feeling improvement. So let’s get into it.

The first impatient reason

A lot of people start a healthy diet expecting to reverse all the damage that they have been brining upon themselves for years. They expect their sickness to turn over within 2 weeks, when they have damaged themselves for at least twice as long, if not for years. How can we ever expect our body to bounce back from a symptom you have had for a long time, in a short time? 

It is time we give our bodies some space. Space to heal, without having to go faster, be skinnier, be everything that we’re not. And just let it do the healing, while we nourish it, and care for it better this time. Because only when we give our body the time and the nourishment it needs, than it can heal, than it can grow into it’s healthiest potential. So if this sounds like you, just keep faith, and keep going.

When you want to heal from something you have had for a long time, give the healing at least half that time to come back into a healthier state.

No absorption

When we start eating healthier, most of the time our gut is not in it’s best shape- hence the reason why we started eating healthier. But just because we eat all the right things, does not mean we can also absorb all the nutrients we eat. And this is problematic as we do all the right things, but our body needs even more support. 

So how do you help your body absorbs the nutrients better, so that you can actually feel better. It all start with how and when you are eating. 

Read more on that here:

Lying to yourself

Saying you are doing it all, but not actually doing the things you are saying.

This happens to all of us, at least once. We can say we do all the right things, but are you actually doing it? Have you romanticized your eating habits, but feel like shit around 4pm? Try to write down all that you actually do, and find out if the change you have made big in your head, is actually big to begin with?

Now this is nothing to be ashamed about, but only when we can be honest with ourselves is when we can make a change. Start from where you are, make the steps fit you, and go from there. 

Following someone else

Tips and tricks are always helpful. But copy pasting someone else’s regime, and expecting it to work, will not. Every body is different, and needs something different. We can always learn from each other, and pick up certain habits. But what we see a lot of young girls do is follow a model’s diet, they end up getting sick or getting anxiety because they are not feeding their body the way their body needs it.

One size fits none, so don’t try to copy someone else’s lifestyle, and try to listen to your body and make your own.

To learn how to listen to your body read on:

Forget the bad times

When we are doing better, we feel more energized, however slight the improvement is, we forget the bad times. What we see a lot of times in healing is that people expect a straight line, every day being better than the last. And while this is true, healing of never linear. When you start eating healthier the first week will be hard but rewarding, but maybe the second week will already be more challenging, or seem like nothing has changed. Even when the symptoms have gone down from an 8 to a 6.

The truth is, when we feel improvement, and than come into a set back, we forget the bad times of before, and feel like a failure. But this can be easily solved by making yourself a list before starting, or right now if you are already going.

Making a list of your symptoms from 1 to 10, 10 being excruciating.

Make a list on:

  • How your joints are feeling,
  • How your digestion is,
  • How good you feel upon waking up
  • How you feel in stressful situations.

You can write 20 things or more if you want. This way you can reflect on your progress in a logical way, and see how far you have already come!

Not only will this make you more motivated to keep going, but it will also make you feel proud of yourself for everything you have already done.


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