The Phases of Homotoxicosis by Dr Reckeweg.

The 6 phases of getting sick, in which we get more and more ill according to the studies of Dr Reckeweg, a German doctor of homeopathy. By learning about these phases we become more aware of our bodies, and thus gain a better understanding of how we may avoid serious illnesses early on. By becoming more aware we begin to understand our bodies better. Which is the best way to stay healthy and thriving. So let us get into the phases.


Before we get into the 6 phases of getting sick we want you to know this text is not meant to make you feel like a failure or like you are doing something wrong. We want to show you all the ways your body is constantly talking to you, so that you can learn to listen. Because only through listening can we learn what our bodies need to thrive and be healthy. 

Phase 1: Excretion or Secretion

The internal cleansing phase. Triggered by an overload of toxins, or incoming bacteria or viruses. Your body start to open it’s detox pathways so that it can start to gently remove this build up out of the body.

Your body will tell you through:

Increased sweating, constant teary eyes, increased earwax and through mucus.



Phase 2: Inflammation

When the internal cleansing process has not worked, your body will start to use inflammation as a way to deal with the waste material or bacteria. This will trigger a local inflammatory response which will help your body neutralize the bacteria and clear itself out.

This inflammatory response can trigger: 

Acne, skin rash, inflamed eye, KNO, lung infection, bladder infection, inflamed gut lining, inflammed joints, fever.


Phase 3: Deposition

The body enters phase 3 when it’s not able to get rid of the toxins and thus decides to store it in connective tissue, vascular tissue and fat tissue. This phase will often be called the silent killer, as in most cases you won’t notice much of your body storing these toxins.

Some indications can be: 

Kidney gall or bladder stones, arteriosclerosis, 



Phase 4: Impregnation

In this phase toxins can no longer be stored or excreted. The toxins then move to weakened cell structured. These toxins can damage cellular membranes, and mess with enzymatic functions. Because of the build up of toxins the tissue will try to protect itself through inflammation. This will lead to different health symptoms and ultimately to a damage of the tissue and organ.

Some indications might be: 

gastrointestinal ulcers, stomach infections, colitis, liver damage, asthmatic bronchitis, swollen lymph nodes, calcium depletion in the bone structure, chronic mucosal infections, asthma, memory weakness, epilepsy, advanced atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation of the ovaries, rheumatoid arthritis



Phase 5: Degeneration of the cell

Phase 5 is when the cells get increasingly damaged and organ functions may start to decrease. Toxin build up continues which increases the chronic inflammation.

Some indications might be:

liver cirrhosis, shriveled kidneys, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis of organs, epilepsy, coordination disorders, reduced thyroid function, stroke, complete apathy, an inability to respond emotionally


Phase 6: Neoplasm Phase

The last phase of Dr Reckeweg’s cleansing phases are often called the Cancer and tumor phase. As Neoplasm is an abnormal growth of tissue which can indicate some form of cancer. In phase 6 the cellular structure and mechanisms are extremely seriously damaged. Often the organ or tissue surrounding the neoplasm will reduce its energy reserves and therefor stop its inflammatory response. 



By Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg

The invitation of Dr Reckeweg and us through the 6 phases of getting sick, is to learn to listen to your body. Take time to get to know how you feel, so that you can grow old in a healthy manner. Good health is available for all of us, as is healing. We only need to learn to listen to our bodies and learn what it needs everyday.


To learn more on how to listen to your body:


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