Why is daily movement necessary? We hear this a lot, and there are many reasons, and benefits from daily movement. But to put it basic, daily movement is a necessity. It just is. Whether you believe in it or not, we are part of nature. Our bodies are like animals, and you need to let your dog walk at least 3 times a day, or he will get injuries right? Well its the same for our bodies, let me explain.


Let’s start with the most basic one, we eat, everyday. And that food needs to get cut down, be absorbed, all the things. But if we don’t move around, there is a high chance of getting a so called ‘lazy gut’. Now this also happens when you take a lot of processed fibers from your doctor. But what it means, is when our gut is not stimulated to move, it won’t. And so your food will not be absorbed, nor moved out. Now you will not notice this immediately. Yet what happens is, the food, that now has become poop. Lays still, and cause constipation. And because it will not move further, will also stop a lot of nutrient absorption. Which causes deficiencies for all kinds of vitamins. And this can get really bad. It effects our mood, our skin. So walking or riding your bike really is necessary.


Our metabolism, now you may know this from as the bodies fat burner. And it is, but not only that, our metabolism keeps us warm, it transforms food into energy. Which is what we need to survive, to keep our hart beating, our organs working, and keep us moving. Now I skipt over the fat burning function, but we need our bodies fat burning system to work, because if everything we ate, would be stored as fat. That would cause great problems. Now of course this does not happen over night, so don’t worry. But we don’t move for at least 30 minutes a day. Our metabolism slows down, and this is hard to reset back to normal. Yet it comes with some nasty side effects. So again, moving daily, is absolutely necessary.

Oxygen flow

The blood flow, our hearth and lung health, our overal immune system. All depends on healthy and new oxygen flow through out our body. Now when we sit down the entire day, the blood flow slows down, less oxygen is needed, and so our immunity and health slowly gets worse. And will get easily infected or catch a cold. Now when we work out a few times a week, we stimulate a boost of blood flow, so we clean out our veins and boosts all the organs and systems with new and healthy oxygen. Which again, is an absolute necessity.

Mental health

I gave it away a little already. But we need to move, to feel good on the inside. Now this doesn’t just mean in our body ( although it is equally important ), but we also improve our mental health.

By getting our blood flowing, we quite literally boost new production of cells in the brain. Now this is very important for a lot of reason. The first one being, we tend to push down most of our emotions, but those emotions create toxins in the cells. And slow down our thinking process, make it harder to be clear and joyful and make us easily anxious. Now when we move, we tend to clear our mind. And this sends a signal to the brain, that we want to make a change, we do not want to sit in a dark room, or cry because of our anxiety. And so what you will see is you will think about moving more. And when doing that, your mood will improve because every time you walk, you clear your mind of the old. And so bit by bit, you improve your health by moving your body.


I’ve talked about it before already, but I believe this is a very important component in our life and health. We need adventures, or new sights, or people. When we move around, we explore, see new things and create excitement in our lives again. Something that most people do not have a lot of, sadly. Now this may sound cliche, but we are curious creatures. And sitting on your bed, watching other people live their live is not making you happy. So moving around and exploring new things, is again, a necessity for a good life, not just your health.

So bottom line, you deserve to have great health, and a happy life. So by taking the necessary steps ( quite literally ), you will improve your health, on all levels. And we hope you try it. For you.

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