Superfoods are plants dehydrated and made into powders for us to use, without much loss of those precious nutrients. They are amazing for boosting our immunity, and improving our daily vitamin and mineral intake. These for superfoods explained, will improve every part of your life for the better. Not only your health, but also productivity levels and managing stress.

Now we can intake them all we want, but our first priority should always be a well balanced and plant based diet. These superfoods will merely increase our energy levels, and fill up our daily vitamin and mineral needs since the soil our foods is grown on is sadly not optimal anymore and many of our fruits and vegetables are being plucked before ripe. Which causes lack of minerals and vitamins, that we can then either replace by chemical supplements or natural superfoods like these. The choice is yours.

So the first one I wanted to start with is my personal favourite. It is spirulina. Spirulina is a seewead that contains almost all of our vitamins and minerals that we need on a day to day basis, and it contains a loott of protein so what I usually do is I put a teaspoon in my yoghurt in the morning ( it will get blue that’s normal haha ), or I will make a salad with it and mister greg cipes has a great recepy for it and I will link it down below, or I will just put it in water and drink it before breakfast, it doesn’t really taste like anything but the benefits.. amazing
It is anti inflammatory, it can clear the skin, it will heal the microbiome in your gut, it is amazing for your immune system and it just helps you manage your stress, while staying focused. no words, I love it.

Moringa powder
the second superfood is moringa powder. Moringa powder comes from a tree, it has been used for centuries in Indian culture as ayuverdic medicine and I totally understand why. Moringa powder is a big big detox friend of mine, it helps our body fight of herbecides and pesticeds it helps our body get rid of any infection by getting our little fighters ( aka the whiteblood cells ) stronger so we can fight it off without having to put our gut health to harm with antibiotics. Now moringa has also shown its healing properties against anti fertility and it is great for our mental health by calming the nervous system so we can combat our anxiety, mood disorders and even depression.

Baobab powder
The third Superfood we will be talking about is baobab powder. It is an African tree, made into powder and I have been using it during rona, because of its amazing health benefits. One being is it strengthens our immunesystem a lot because of its vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium and so much more. Now this superfood does not just helps us fight of sickness, it also contains a lot of fibre, and paired with its antioxidants it has shown to heal many gut issues, help digestion and it has a sweet taste. Ive been using it in home made treats like nice creams, raw protein bars and even to make sweet lemonade. So it can also satisfy your. Sweet tooth while healing your body!

And the last one is matcha, now matcha is most well known one of the four. If we open any social media app we at least see one iced matcha coming across our feed. ( at least with me ). But what Is so special about it? matcha has many benefits like all of the above but its main benefit is that it clears our mind. It helps us think clearly, it helps us focus, and it gives us energy. Now I think we all need it now that we are back in the office. But matcha also boosts our metabolism, so it helps our body burn more fat. It has healing properties for our hearth health, it gives us more energy and it is again loaded with antioxidants. So I totally agree with all those matcha lovers!
Now the last tip I have for you is looking into the company. Not all companies grant the same value. Which is why we cannot just buy from a random company and expect miracles. A example is with matcha, the brighter the powder, the more benefits it has. Now this does not work for every superfood, and most companies are great! Just do a little research, or go to your local health shop and see your health improve!