What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the way our body protects itself from harm. It is a natural defense mechanism from your immune system, this system will send out warriors also known as white blood cells to protect the body where it is needed.

This can be in situations that are clear to see to the eyes, like when you hit your knee. A bump will form, a bruise will from, all done to protect your knee and heal the issue to its natural origin. Your body will create inflammation to trap intruders or offenders all to protect the knee, and this inflammation will smooth by itself once’s the healing has been done.

But inflammation can also happen without us directly noticing it. And can be going on for years, without it naturally ebbing away. This is called chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a type of inflammation that usually continues for years.

This can be caused by constant stimuli of the toxin, a weak immune system or an auto immune disorder. Diseases linked to chronic inflammation ar: Arthritis, COPD and excessive fatigue, Crohn’s disease

So something that we are seeing more and more is something called low grade chronic inflammation. This is a type of chronic inflammation that has not yet reached its peak, but keeps terrorizing the body for months to years.

Diseases linked to low grade chronic inflammation are: Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, dementia.

Inflammation can be caused by things like toxins: pesticide, sugar, excessive intake of omega 6 fatty acids, stress, food intolerances and too much bodyfat.

Now that low-grade inflammation is getting more and more common, we should look into what we eat. What is our products, what do we have for habits, and really- how do you feel? Daily check-ins with your body to see if the food you are this morning is serving your body. If the workouts your doing are making you more energized? And through this way, finding out what works for your body, and bringing more of that into your daily life. Your body knows what it needs and doesn’t thrive on. So listening to your body can bring you to your healthiest life possible.

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