How to listen to your body. There is no corner on the earth, where you will not see someone struggling with their body. Either with their weight, with injury, with their mental health or with an illness. And it is also no secret that we all pick on our bodies more than love up on them. But what if, for a change, we start listening to our bodies. Listening to when it is hungry, and when it is satisfied. What type of workout works for your body, and when you need to take a break. When life get’s too much, but way before our massive burnout. And through this journey, finding a path that makes you the happiest, and healthiest version of yourself. Your True self, we like to call it.

Now this may sound very spiritual, or even unreal. But think about it, when we work with our bodies. We give it the change to heal, to make the most happy hormones possible because we feed it things that fit us. We let go of unnecessary stress, we stop the low grade inflammation that keeps growing and will create illness overtime: read more on that here:

And best of all, we follow what makes us feel good! So that we can actually enjoy this life. This all starts with listening to your body, and trust me, this will not make you go crazy on sweets or quit all your fitness. Because your body will lead you to what it needs to be the healthiest version of itself, that is all the body wants. So when we just step out of its way, we can actually get there!

So without further ado, let’s get into the practical part. When I teach people about this subject, they tell me: well I’ve never heard her speak to me before! Mine must not work. And I understand that many of you can feel like this. Hence this quick disclaimer: Your body cannot talk, not with words, so do not expect your body to tell you later: hey let’s do some stretching, because that is a little silly.


Our body speaks through feelings, through pain, joy, anger. These are all emotions, but you can feel them in your body, right? For example, close your eyes and visualize you are at your favorite place in the world. It could be a beach, a forest, a home, whatever you want.

Take a deep breath and fully exhale all the air out, maybe even give a sigh.

Start walking through this place, and feel the happiness, or the calmness in your body.

Maybe its really small, only the dropping of your shoulders, or a warmness/tingeling in your chest.

Feel it.

This is your bodies way of communicating with you. It gives you a feeling, it does not scream, only when you go to far. But everyday it is telling you, whether this is right for you, or if it is not right for you.

Practise with food

Another great way to practice this is with food.

Place a food item into your hand, like a piece of bread, or an apple, it can be anything you eat/drink.

Stand upright with space in front en behind you.

Close your eyes and ask the item in your hand silently in your mind, will this nourish me.

If you feel yourself falling forward, the food is good for you!

If you feel yourself falling backwards, this food is not good for you today.

This can vary from day to day, and you can do it with prepared meals from shops for example.

And with this easy practice, you can start nourishing your body, and overtime learn what it likes and doesn’t! This may all lead to better digestion, more energy and better mental health. Because you feed your body what it needs! Listening to your body takes some time to get used to, but try it from now on. Every time you remember it, this does not have to be a perfect practice, you will grow into it. But you can feel so much better!

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