Breathing exercise to connect to your body.

In this breathing exercise we are going to connect more with our bodies. Coming back to your body is the most importang thing you will learn. As this is the key to living a happy, fulfilled life, intune with what feels best in every moment.

When we know our bodies, we can control our mind. And this way learn what we need in the moment, without having to endure major burnouts at the end of the road just to find out something we could have felt before. It all starts with learning to connect with your body, and this exercise will help you do that.

The breathing exercise we are going to do is a 3 part belly breath. Meaning we start inhaling from belly, chest and clavicle bone (shoulders). Than exhale first with clavicle bone, chest and belly.

If you feel yourself becoming dizzy, stop for a second and breath normally. It is okay to feel a bit dizzy at first as you probably never inhale that much oxygen.

People with breathing issues or low blood pressure should skip this practice.


  • Sit in a comfortable seated position,
  • Try to keep your spine straight and some support through a wall or a chair.
  • Please your left hand below your navel with your tumb on your navel.
  • And your right hand on the middle of your chest.
  • Breath in and push your lower belly outwards, try to push your left hand out. Slowly raise your chest and lastly raise your clavicle bone and shoulders up as you inhale fully.
  • Exhale controlled first lowering the shoulders, than the chest and lastly contracting the belly inwards.
  • Making your inhales and exhales controlled and slowly. Try to start with 7 seconds.

This is one round, start with 3 rounds and then rest for a few normal breaths until you feel ready to start again.

We want to keep our breathing comfortable but controlled. So find a length that works for you and work from there. This may be 5 seconds and that is absolutely okay. This exercise helps you to calm down and connect to your body so try not to push yourself too hard.

Try to do this exercise as often as you like. Because even if you do not feel immediate results, this breathing exercise changed my connection to my body, and that of my clients.

If this practice has helped you, please share this blog with friends or family so that we can help more people.

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