Why should natures medicine be our first choice of a remedy? Before we start, we want to acknowlegde that this is our opinion, and stand point. And in no way is this meant to be hateful towards people who do use conventional medicine. More so it is a stand point and message of love to spread knowledge about the difference between natures medicine, and conventional medicine. And spread the awareness around the silent, unconscious harm that comes with these over the counter pills.

So what do we mean with conventional medicine? The pain killers, the injections and all the in between remedies that come from your doctor.

Nature’s medicine are healing properties made into herbs, teas, tinctures and natural foods. Now the most important natural healer is a proper diet, filled with lots of different colors, berries, leafy greens, beans and seeds. You can never heal from any disease, without cleaning up your diet. Because as the true saying goes:

‘ You are what you eat. ‘

We can go on painkillers, or we can go on devils claw, but if we keep eating energy takers, such as: donuts, bread or pasta, and keep inflaming our bodies. The cycle of illness never ends.

So why natural medicine over conventional medicine? 

When we visit a herbal medicine practitioner, we immediately look into the cause, and heal that with natural remedies that not only sooth the symptoms. But fully heal the illness and strengthen your immune system while it is healing. Now when we look at going to a doctor, we usually end up home, with some pain killers. That do not take down the cause, but just sooth till the pain killer wears off. Now of course this is not always the case, but we usually end up with numerous general examines and when we do find a cause from there, we are given even more pills or injections. That come with nasty and dangerous side effects. And this is seen as natural, but when did we collectively forgot that we are part of nature too?

Numbed down immune system

The reason why we made it our lives work to promote nature’s medicine, is because of this. What the conventional pills and injections do, is numb down and weaken our immune system. That then causes us to keep relaying on the pills and antibiotics, make us easily infected and deprived of energy, joy and creativity. Which should be our daily natural state.

Not to throw off

Now before we move on, it is important to acknowledge that we do still need conventional medicine. When someone is severely sick, or has so much numbed down the immune system that it cannot kill the pain in a natural way. We still need western doctors. But we do not need them as our first choice, our only hope. Because it is not, it is not natural, it can be very dangerous. And of course you should never diminish your health, the natural ways are much healthier on the long term.

So all in all, nature’s medicine should be our first choice, instead of our last hope. It is not too late to remember we are part of nature, and that there are real and incredible natural remedies waiting for us. If you are interested, please check out our blog for natural remedies for all kinds of symptoms or pains. Let’s choose our health now, not an easy escape.

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