The benefits of working with your body. What is working with the body, and most importantly why would you want to work with your body? We have all had times in our lives, or maybe even still, where we felt like we wanted to change the way we look. Just be a little bit more of this, a little bit less of that. And in the process, we do all the things we think will make us look like some-body else. Habits we do out of hate, or frustration, like eating really small portions to lose weight, do endless hours of cardio or eat so much we almost vomit. All of these habits are working against our bodies, against what our body needs for us to be the healthiest possible. So what will happen when we start working With the body, instead of against it?

Your body can only become as healthy as we let it. Everyday our bodies first priority is survival. And this will not change, your body wants to be the healthiest version possible, if we give it a chance. But if work against the body, and actually do this for years on end, you will see a few common scenarios. Scenarios where are body is trying to survive, instead of thrive and become the healthiest version, scenarios that are also reverseble.

Let’s look at the women who has tried every diet there is, but still hasn’t kept the weight of. She did juice cleanses and tried to starve herself by eating less and less just to reach a certain goal. Even though her body felt tired, dizzy and was protesting at multiple points, she kept going. Now she carries even more weight on her body than before all those diets, and even looking at certain pastries makes her gain weight.

Or we have the young women who is more busy pleasing others than listening to her body. She has an a daily unattainable to do list, but pushes herself none the less. She needs to cross these tasks of her list, just to escape the feeling of failure at the end of the day. Yet this same girl is constantly constipated and bloated, her hair is dull and she has a difficulty enjoying sex, let alone experience orgasm.

And lastly the man who lives for the weekends, he gets absolutely drunk for no reason other than to get some pleasure in his life, some care free moments. His body is tired and his stomach is not able to digest his food well. This results in a very hard feeling stomach, baldness, aching joints and even low libido. He works so hard, and does not feed his body but he thinks this is all there is to life.

Now these may sound shocking, but they are everyday examples of people that come for consults or email me for help. And all of these issues can be so beautifully reversed when we learn to listen to our bodies. Because in the end, when we listen to our body and give it what it needs, we feel happier and more energized than ever. Besides, we can all use more of these feelings.

So what are some changes that benefited me on this journey? Let’s get into it.

Better digestion.

My digestion has gone from monthly appointments to different physical therapists, nutritionists, you name it, I did it. I have gone from constant constipation and bloating to a healthy gut! My stool is regular, I actually absorb the nutrients that are in the food I eat, and feel energized after eating! Good health and a good life really start with a healthy gut. Without a healthy gut, no happy hormones are made, no sleep hormones, no digestion of food nor emotions! We need good digestion, and it may start with listening to your belly, and what it needs.

Peace of mind

When our bodies are constantly inflamed, when there is a lot of stress in the body and our digestion is off, it will almost become impossible to relax. Your mind is racing and foggy. You become easily distracted and above all falling a sleep takes really long time.

When inflammation is high in the body, your body will get into a survival mode, and this survival mode is programmed to be on high alert, all the time. So when we lower this inflammation by listening to our bodies, you may finally find a peace of mind.

Less inflammation

Stress causes inflammation. And stress does not just come from to much work. It also happens when we take shallow breaths, when we eat foods that are not right for our type, and do not take a break when we need one. Now this does not mean we are all doomed if we don’t move to a deserted island to do nothing. No, we can find balance. That is what listening to your body is all about, creating balance in your body, and with that, you may lower your inflammation in the body.

Better absorption of nutrients

When we give our bodies what is right for our body type, we feed it the way your intestines need. It sounds so simple, and it is. When we give our body the type of food, at the time and in the portions that it needs, it changes everything. But most of all it may heal our gut and with that improve our nutrition absorption. This way we can actually use the nutrients that are in our food, which is still an issue for most people. We can eat as healthy as we want, but as long as we cannot absorb it, everything goes down the drain- quite literally.

Increased happiness

I’ve said it before. When our intestines our healthy, and are fed properly, our body can produce happy hormones such as serotonine, endorphins and oxycontin which help you to wake up energized and happy. They help you stay focused and calm in the midst of a storm.

So again, listening to your body may help you become a happier person, naturally. Your body will form to its healthiest form

As a summery, when we feed our bodies the foods that your body needs, and listen to when we’re full, when we need some more, and when we need a break. Then, and only then will your body get into it’s best shape. Every body is different, and needs different foods. So when you learn to listen to yours, your life and your body will change.