How to release your suppressed emotions? What are suppressed emotions? How does it affect me? In todays post, we will give you all the basic tools for you to understand, and practice yourself. Everybody is different, so what works for one, might not work for you. Which is why we encourage you to try all of them. And please remember, you will not heal, or get rid of life long trauma in one night. I’m sorry to tell you. But that is not how it works. What will happen when you release these emotions is a dramatic change, inside of you. How you will see the world, how you show up, how you talk to yourself, and others. And it might not be in one night, and you might not notice it immediately. But when consistently practiced. You will look back in some time, and be amazed at the progress. And above all, proud, of how far you have come.

So let’s get started.

Writing it

The first practice we want to start with is writing. Writing is an ancient tool, and it’s a powerful one. When we write down, our emotions, our worries or fears. Even if it does not make sense, we get it off our chest. Out of our heads. And by doing this, you can release it. Maybe even understand the bigger picture of it. Writing is a really great starting point. Facing old emotions is scary, so by starting simple, you can not empty your mind of it. But also create a connection between the old memory, and the emotion. Which then makes it easier to release. This writing can be in a journal, or on a app. You can burn it afterwards ( safely of course ), or keep it, to reread your progress in a few months. Start as short as 5 minutes at night, no need to overwhelm yourself. Since that is probably the emotion we want to heal and release already.

Speaking it out

One of the best ways to heal any pain that is felt around the throat. Are you feeling repressed, stiff around the neck area, or just done with the bullshit. All is valid. When we speak about what is bothering us, in a respectful way, yet strong and true. We can not only heal the pain that is causing way more turmoil than just the heavy feeling on your chest. But we can also create it as a doorway to fully feeling it and so fully releasing it. Often we know there is a lot of sadness inside of us, but we cannot cry on commando ( which is totally normal ). So when we speak about it, with the person, or simply first with a trusted friend, or even the wind. We come into the emotion, and then feel it, and heal it. Now we always want to stay respectful with our words, because no matter the circumstance, the other person is probably not even aware. And when we speak with our ego ( so screaming, insulting, etc ), we cannot fully heal ourselves. So why would you sink low, for temporary pleasure, if it does not help you. The past is gone, you deserve to move on and release it all.


‘To feel is to heal’. It is simply so. When we want to release pent up anger, or sadness. We need to feel it, in its fullness. Now this is scary, and it hurts. So you may want to go in a little, but when you get overwhelmed, you retreat and try again another time. Because there is plenty of time, you do not have to release it all in one sitting. Our hearts have become so raw already, be gentle with it. What happens when we fully feel the feelings, we make a journey. For some this is conscious, and for others unconscious. But when we feel it, so deep, memories can come up. Of old versions of you, and when still feeling the sadness, you envision embracing that younger you, you will feel there is even more sadness. But behind that sadness is love. So much love.

We are love, without all the trauma, and pent up emotions, we would wake up, and walk through life loved and loving. But because this is not the case, and every single one of us has had lessons to learn. We have forgotten that we are love. But what happens, when you slowly feel the emotions, let it all in, so that it can get out. You will feel a love, no other can give you. Because the reason the emotion keeps being triggered is because there is so much, pure self love behind it. And you deserve it all. So be gentle with yourself, you have been through enough. Yet dive in, feel it all, as scary as it is. And in the dark times, remember the love, see yourself becoming the love.


Whether it is on YouTube, a specific app or with a professional. There are many different guided meditations, that simply guide the journey of releasing. Now this is very comforting for anyone who is scared to begin. Scared and confused about the how. Which is again, totally nothing to be ashamed about. Which is why the guided meditations are so popular. There are many different ones, and I can recommend them to everyone who is willing to. Personally I like the ‘the mindful movement’, they are very supporting and calm. But of course, the choice is completely yours.

Feeling it

As I’ve mentioned it before already, but to heal, we must feel. And so the most basic way to heal or release the suppressed emotions, is to feel it, fully when it comes up. So for example, when you get triggered, and you feel tears coming up, just cry. There is nothing wrong with crying. In some way, we all learned to keep a good composure. But this is how we add new suppressed toxins inside, which is not helping anyone. So let’s change that. When emotions come up, feel them. Maybe leave the room, and go somewhere private. And choose yourself, you and your wellbeing are worth it.

Ecstatic dance

If there is one thing we all did, it is probably masking our real selves. Pretending to be someone else, trying to fit in, dimming your light. Whatever you want to call it. And by masking our real selves, we constantly suppress our real selves, and so all of our true emotions. Now what does this have to do with dance? Well ecstatic dance, is a practice where you put on some music, it can be Native American drum, or your favorite song. And you just let yourself go, you dance however you want, wild or soft or big. Just expressing what you are feeling. Now this seems like an weird and unnecessary practice. But even just doing this on your own, in your bedroom, you will notice resentment. You will notice yourself holding back, or certain opinions coming up. But by dancing through it, you will connect back to your true emotions, that are behind the resentment and stiffness. And release it, by freeing yourself.

This is one of my favorite practices, that I do at least 3 minutes every day. This is because we live a stiff, fast paced and serious life. But by letting fully go, and being goofy and moving however you want. You will notice overtime, that you create a permission slip, build a trust. That it is okay to be yourself, that it is fun to be yourself. So whenever you are feeling stuck, or stressed. Try it. Just 3 minutes, you will feel so much better afterwards. Not only do you release stuck emotions in a playful and fun way. But you will also release stress, and get into a great mood, for the entire day to come.

Now I hope you can implement at least one of these practices into your daily life. Go at your own pace, and free yourself. Because you really deserve to live a light and free life.

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