How to balance you hormones? More and more we come to the conclusion that our hormones are a great indicator of our health. Meaning, when we have an imbalance in our hormones you will see, acne, eczema, depression, insomnia, suddenly gaining or losing weight, etc. And all of these health issues, can be healed naturally. By balancing our hormones. But how do we balance our hormones? In this post, we give you our best working, and natural tips and remedies. So that you too can live a happier and healthier life. Because you really deserve it.


First things first, how is your diet. We are what we eat, literally. Now the trick with our diet is, every body is different. And so for some a plant based life style will work, yet others thrive on a stir fry diet. There is no 1 diet, that balances the hormones. So the best tip is can give you is, try. Our daily diet is a very big component in helping to balance our hormones. Which is why we have listed our best tips, to help you on your journey. So please take these tips with you, so that you can listen to your body, and help it. Instead of look for a written out plan of what worked for somebody else. Your body knows what it needs, you just need to listen. But how?

Intolerance/ allergy test

Try an food intolerance/ allergy test, whether that is with your doctor, or online. This way you can immediately eliminate certain foods that your body does not like. Because when we eat foods, that inflame our system. The hormone production gets imbalanced, because it can not give the energy it needs to the hormone system. Since it needs to take all the energy to heal the digestive organs from the inflammation. So by taking such a simple test, you can already get a good start.

Food journal

Now just as we told you before, we are what we eat. And because of this, the foods we eat, dictate our mood. And this is usually the first indicator of how our body is thriving ( or slowly getting sick ) on our daily diet. So by writing down, what we ate and how we felt, or how our digestion was that day. Can give you a quick indicator of what your body does like. Which again, helps you find out what foods to eat.

Eating at set times

Now there is not one diet, but there certainly is one rule for balanced hormones. Eating at set times. Now for some, intermitting fasting helps and they eat at 10- 2 and 6 pm, while for others ( especially women ) thrive better on eating 6 small portions through out the day. This is totally up to you, and again look at what is best for you. But by eating at set times, every day ( no, 30 min difference is no problem ), our hormonal system gets used to it. And this way, it knows when to produce certain hormones to start the digestion, when the food will come, etc. This way, you take away an enormous amount of unconscious stress from the system. Which again, allows it to heal and thrive naturally.

Man/ female

Now this may seem a little put in boxes, but the female body, has an hormonal cycle of 30 days. While mens hormonal cycles last 24 hours. This may show you, why women need other things than man. And this is especially true for how many times a day, we eat. While intermitting fasting has been tested greatly to improve your health, it has been tested only on men. And what has been proven, is that women’s bodies thrive much better on eating smaller portions, 5-6 times a day. While men, thrive better on eating 2-3 times a day. Now of course this can vary from all bodies, but this is again, a great indicator to listen to your body. Your hormonal system. And see, when eating 5 times a day, how is your energy at night? Are you less stressed? Do you get late night cravings? How is your menstrual cycle? These are all direct reflections of how our hormonal system is doing.
Now for me, personally my body thrives best on eating at 10-12-4 and 7 pm. So experiment and look at what would be best for you.

Quick disclaimer: eating more times a day, will not make you gain weight if your body does not need extra weight. When we balance our hormones, we often either lose/gain weight, which is exactly what our body needs at that time, to live healthier.

Eating to gain energy

Now we can either help our body, or slowly make it sick. And we do this by either choosing to eat highly processed ( energy taking ) donuts, energy bars, cookies, candy, sodas. Or by balancing grains with veggies, eating good sources of omega 3& 9 fat like avocados, fatty fish, nuts and seeds. The choice is yours.


For this topic, we made an entire post to help you live a low stress live, especially during stressful times. But a quick tip for now. The best stress releaser, is reminding yourself, that you are enough, you are doing enough, you are not broken or unworthy. You are doing as much as you can, you look beautiful, it is going to be okay. We tend to worry so much ( consciously and unconsciously ), and this is taking our precious energy, that could be used to heal your system, but instead is wasted. So by just taking time during the day, whether it is putting a post note on your mirror, or just smiling to yourself in the mirror. This may sound silly, but oh do we all need it. The world takes a big toll on us, especially with the unrealistic beauty and life standards. So by just complimenting yourself, you give energy to your body. And as silly as it may is, try it for a day, and just see what happens.

Blame us if it didn’t make you smile, if that makes you feel better.

Suppressed emotions

We made an entire post on this topic, since it is such an often hidden. But great way to boost your overall health, on all levels and systems. And we highly recommend to check it out.


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