How to live a low stress life, even during stressful times. We are living in stressful times. The expectations of todays society are making everyone so stressed, since they are so unrealistic. We need to be more, do more. Be successful, be beautiful, be handsome, look like a child, or look like the hulk, be rich, and well mannered, and not too much, and the list goes on and on. But how do we lessen the stress in our lives? Even if we still live in the same world? Is that even possible? Let’s get into it.

Why less stress

Why? Why do we even have to try to lessen our stress. What is stress causing in our lives? What even is stress? Stress is the feeling of not enough. The feeling of not having enough time to do all the work, the feeling of not being enough for a task. The feeling of not looking ‘’ enough, the feeling of not being able to meet the requirements. In whatever way you can place it. We have all been in stressful times. And although we can never fully get rid of stress, it is okay. Because we need a little stress sometimes. But not in the way we experience it daily, and certainly not that much.

Now why would you want to lower your stress levels? Apart from the way it feels. Stress takes our energy, a lot of it. It robs us from our creativity, and fun. And when we experience a lot of stress, it messes with almost every system in the body. Whether it is your hormonal balance, your metabolism or your digestion. All of it gets affected. Now most of us know, we should lower our stress levels. But no one really knows how? We can’t just move to a deserted island for the rest of our lives, ( that would be nice though ). So let’s get into the how.

The voice in your head is just wrong

Most of us, and especially in western society, waste 40% of our daily energy by stressing over things that did not even happen. We get stuck in our head and criticize ourselves, worry about the future, or about what you said. And get into this nasty loop hole. Now this may sound simple, but this is going to take some work. But the main way to lower your stress levels, is by realizing, the voice in your head, is wrong. You do not look stupid, people are not judging you and you will succeed if you work for it. You need to get out of your head, and back into the moment. But how do you do this?

-Write down some ‘beliefs’ you have about yourself that are messing with you.

Some examples are, I can’t do it, I am not pretty enough, I am not smart enough, etc.

and really unpack the belief, is it even true? How so? And see that you are enough

because again, it is just the voice in your head.

-Breathing. This is probably the most easy trick to get yourself back in the moment, and out of your head. When you breathe deeply, in and out you cannot think of anything else.

Or your not focusing hard enough. Just focus on your breathing, and breath.

This is an instant relaxation trick.


Stop following and drowning yourself in unrealistic beauty standards. Now this may be a hard one, but the constant comparison is stressing you out. These people are filtered, highly caked and not you. Stop comparing yourself to people, they are not you. You cannot compare yourself to someone else, that is unhealthy. Compare yourself to old version of yourself, and then work on bettering yourself, while being proud of how far you’ve come. And unfollow people who make you feel any less than that. They will be okay. Focus on you.

Draining people or places

We all know some people who just drain our energy. But there is a big difference between annoying people, and real energy draining or toxic people ( or places of course ). Now these people or places have a big impact on our stress levels on the long term. And so when you can, avoid or get them out of your life. And for all times, set proper boundaries around these people. This is probably one of the biggest ‘remedies’ to a low stress life. Creating strong boundaries, what is something that other do, that makes you stressed or worried? Are there certain behaviors that you really dislike? Speak them out loud. Say what you do not want, this way, others can it into account and stop it.

Toxic behavior

The toxic behaviors of others, is easily point-able. But what are some behaviors you do that make you stressed? Things like procrastination, over planning your day, saying yes to everyone, people pleasing, addiction to scrolling on your phone, etc. whatever it is, acknowledge it, and work on it. Because in the end, the only one that has to deal with the daily stress, and lack of energy, is you.

Which is why it is much better to start with yourself. So what changes can you make today, that will make a positive impact on your stress levels? Then do that.

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