Here are 5 different ways to use herbal medicine. There are many different ways of using herbs as medicine. Listed below are, in my opinion, the most beneficial and most used methods. Along with a step by step way to do it yourself.

Herbal cloths

This method is great for people with recurring pain in a certain area. You want to take a certain herb, let’s say white Willow bark (which is a pain reliever), and put that in a pan with water. simmer that for about 5 minutes with the lid on. With the lid off now, you take the pan off the heat and let it cool down a bit. After a few minutes you take out the mind of herbs and put that on a cheese cloth, or a gaze. You can let it cool down some more, but we want to use it when it’s still warm. Then you fold the cloth once, so the herbs are packed inside, and then wrap the cloth around the area of pain. Let that sit of 15 minutes and repeat it daily for a week. This way, the nutrients and enzymes can get really deep into the pores and the area, and help in the flushing of the toxins ( aka the pain). And so not only relief you of the pain, but also heal the area for good.

Herbal health shots

This method is a great way to boost overall health on a daily basis. Starting your day right, with a nutritious and healing shot. So how? I like using a couple of different herbs that have different benefits, and combining them. So in a pan with water, putting your herbs in there and really on really low heat letting the mixture simmer for a minimum of 30 minutes. After the time is over, placing the pan of the heat, and letting it cool down, with the lid on. After it is cooled, you want to store it in one ( or more ) glass bottle. And store it in a dark and cool place, like the fridge. This mixture stays good for 10 days, and sometimes even longer. The ultimate health booster.

Topic healing

This method is great for people who struggle with skin itching, mild allergic reactions, psoriasis or eczema. Taking a bunch of herbs ( the oil or essential oil of an herb will be even better ), and placing that in a pan filled with a minimum of 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, or shea butter. Simmering this on low heat and throughly stirring for 10 minutes. After cooling the mixture down for 2 minutes ( you do not want to to get hard in your pan ), you pour it over into a glass container. And use it as a balm or lotion of the places that need healing, or just using it on your entire body. A natural healing lotion!


This method is just like an health shot, but then you make it even stronger, and take it in little drops to get into your blood flow directly. In a glass bottle you put your herbs, and fill it 3/4th with clear vodka. After you put the lid on tightly, you store it away for 2 weeks in a dark and cool place ( no fridge ). Then after those 2 weeks, pour the mixture ( be careful with your new liquid cold ), into a pipette bottle. Then daily taking 15 drops of this mixture before breakfast and dinner. Taking a good sip of water afterwards, and watch your health improve.

Teas and powders

The fastest and easiest way to get your herbal benefits in. Buying dried herbs and making it into a tea, by putting it into a strainer and letting it sit for 3-5 minutes, based on your preference.

Or buying the powder version of a herb to put into a smoothie or in a cake/ pancake batter and eating it. I would suggest to use mostly raw dishes like smoothies to get the most nutrients in.

Eating it

And a bonus for you. This one might be my absolute favorite, eating it. Just buying the fresh herb and using it to cook with. Like rosemary on chicken breasts in the oven, or mint leaves in a summer salad. This way you will get the best nutrients, and you will taste the great flavors too! Spice up your dishes, and spice up your life with the benefits.

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