In todays society, bloating is seen as normal. A lot of people have it, we normalized it. But bloating really is a sign that something in your body is wrong. Bloating could come from many different causes, and today I want to help you get rid of the bloating for good. Now with these different herbs, acupuncture points and diet changes will have an amazing impact on your body, but we recommend checking in with your doctor for any allergies. Allergies and food intolerances are mostly the cause of bloating. So when we stop eating the cause, and help heal our bodies with these natural remedies. You too, will never be bloated again. So let’s get started.

Our bodies have a PH level of 7.35-7.45, when the body is in between that level, it basically becomes immune to inflammation, allergies and thus bloating. But because most of the western diet consists of a diet filled with way lower PH foods, like bread, pasta, sugar we lower our PH level bit by bit and create the perfect area for inflammation, allergies and getting bloated after eating is one of the first symptoms. Now this may sound difficult to understand, but with some simple changes, sickness stays in the past.

No low PH foods

Try to eliminate low PH foods, so cake, bread, sugary things, basically you want to look at a product and be able to say, my great grandma would know what this is. or this came from a tree. Now im not telling you to starve yourself or only eat celery for the rest of your life. But you do want to have at least 60% of your daily diet being whole foods. This way we can combat any bloating for good, heal the gut, heal the joints, clear our skin, all the good stuff.

Apple cider vinegar

A little life hack is to drink a glass of Luke warm water, with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar. This basically creates a barrier between your organs and the food you eat. This way your organs will be able to heal and get back to their original ph levels, and you will still be able to eat some bread or pasta. Now a big disclaimer, you only want to drink this in the morning, because it is really sour and can be to sour. So a little bit goes a long way. Especially for people who trouble with refluxes, and regular bloating.

Turn up the fiber

Eating high in fiber, and before I go into detail, I do not mean some produced protein bar that says high in fiber, No. I mean as whole as a food can get, fiber. So like apple with the peel, broccoli with the stem boiled, fruits, veggies, raw nuts and seeds, beans all of those vegetable goodies. Wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat. Fiber is food for our good gut bacteria, so the more we feed them good fiber, the better our gut gets and the less we bloat. Even most food intolerances disappear when we rebalance our good bacteria over the not so good.

Soothing the discomfort

When you are bloated, it can come with great discomfort or even stomach aches. This makes us want to lay down or sit the rest of the day. But what you can do best is move. A little walk around the block or a gentle yoga flow. Because we sit more than we should, our digestion has become ‘lazy’, and when we get bloated it takes a while to de-bloat naturally. So by moving the body, we stimulate the digestive organs and move the bloat out. Now if you are someone who deals with daily bloating or constipation, a daily walk would be really beneficial and almost a must.

Grandmas acupuncture

Try to give yourself a little massage. This massage trick is a really old trick, and I got it from my grandma when I used to be bloated as a kid, all the time. On our body we have these trigger points, and you want to do this with your own hand because that is where your trigger point is at.

Starting under your navel, 3 fingers, so your by placing your thumb-, wise- and middle finger right underneath your belly button. Right under the third finger, is the first point. You want to press that point, stir clock wise 6 times, and the other way 6 times.

Then for you second step, you place your entire hand, right underneath your navel, and again right underneath your pinky, you will find your point. Repeat the same 6 times clock wise, and 6 times counter clockwise. And you want to repeat this short routine 3 times. Warning it works fast, and might get rid of some gas too.

Then we get into the herbal remedies.


So the first one I want to start with is camomile tea,

Now this is an amazing herb for calming down the stomach, the gut and any inflammation in the body. Its calming, its soothing, it gets rid of the bloating and it can aid your digestion. So its great.


Peppermint, this one is great for people with bloating pain or with stomach acid reflux. Peppermint relaxes the stomach walls, so after you eat something that gives you have a mild allergic reaction, or just makes you feel pain in the stomach. It calm down the stomach, it soothes any pain or discomfort and it can get rid of mild allergic reactions.

Black haw root

Then we get to black haw root, this is a herb that helps with menstural discomfort and bloating that come prior to a women’s period. So this is not something to be ashamed or worried about, because before the period starts these symptoms are totally normal. Since basically the shedding starts and the first layers are the worst. So black haw root can relief you of any pain, discomfort and bloating. And a fun fact, back in the day, our Native American ancestors used it too, and helped women get through their period, painless.

Sage tea

Sage tea, sage tea basically gets rid of all the negative in your body. It is antibacterial, it cleanses the gut from toxins or constipation, it gets rid of bloating and gas and it aids in digestion. And this is actually my favorite because along with all these benefits. The herb also calm you down without making you sleepy or lazy, it basically gets rid of all the bad.

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