A recent study has shown that in the western society generally 40% of our daily energy gets wasted by worrying about what might happen in the future, or because of negative self talk that is just on a constant spin. And because we can all use that 40% why don’t we eliminate the worrying and judging. Now I know this is easier said than done. And this is not gone in a day. But by implementing these changes and tips into your daily life, you too will see an increase in your daily energy. Our bodies are fully capable of healing itself, if we give it the right circumstances. So give some of these tips a chance, and see your daily energy increase.


Journaling daily at night or in the mornings. This is the best habit you can start for your mental health. It may seem like yet another task to add to your to-do, but the benefits really prove its worth. Most peoples fears and worries are stuck in their head. We don’t want to share it with others, and so it keeps repeating itself and stuck in our head. But just like when we talk it out, writing will help you come to a solution to your problems.

And you come to realize, the fear seems much bigger than it is. But not only that.

When you write out your worries and fears, you write everything that is on our chest off. You free your mind of these thoughts. And so overtime your mental health gets much better and clear. You see that the situations you write down, are actually not that bad. And that judgy voice is just wrong. So why don’t you try it. It takes less than 5 minutes and you get so for it much back.

Eating better

Eating the right foods, yes here I am again, telling you that you are what you eat. Because it is true. A lot of our daily energy gets wasted because we eat things that take energy, instead of give. And those foods are things like bread, donuts, croissants, pasta, white rice, sugary things, dairy. Now i am not saying these foods are ‘bad’ because nothing is good or bad. But because they take so much energy and make you feel lazy after(even if you don’t know it). Its better to limit them. And maybe lose some weight in the process.

Social media

Social media. Now it is no secret that social media drains you. You see all these perfect pictures, you scroll because you want to be entertained. Your mood gets down, and time is wasted. What if instead of the mindless scrolling you would go for a walk? Or read a book you like. These things give energy and make you smarter or calmer. Which is perfect! Just limiting screen time, gives you time to finish tasks that give you stress because they’re almost overdo and then you get a clear mind and new energy in return. Win win. By putting a lock time on certain social media apps, you get a notification after that hour is finished (yes you still will be able to enter), but this will give you a sense of time (lost).

Getting good sleep

Sleeping at least 6 hours at night. Because a lot of us take our phones to bed and continue mindless scrolling or watching some series. You look up and suddenly its 2am. This is honestly such a waste of time. Just getting your sleep in will help tremendously with being energized and sharp during the day. And when you had a good night sleep, your mood is better too! And when your mood is better, life goes smoother. So again, a win win. So sleep when you get to bed. Don’t distract yourself from your problems, write them out get them off your chest and then get a good night sleep.

Now getting into the herbal remedies to naturally get more energy.

Gotu kola

The first herb I want to start with is Gotu Kola. This herb is perfect for people who are really low on energy, who don’t wake up happy. Who have trouble getting to sleep at night it is a natural energy booster, without the dips that caffeine brings. So drinking a cup in the morning will help you stay energized and happy throughout the day. A table spoon of the dried herb in a tea restrainer will be all you need. 2 cups in the morning, and see the results.

Co- enzym Q10

Co- Enzym Q10, now this is not really a herb, you more so take it in a supplement. Yet this enzym is essential for energy and health. Because we are going into the colder days of the year, we can all use more energy and an immunity boost. So what this does, is it is basically the car that takes the nutrients and brings it to the organs and muscles so they can work to their best ability and produce more energy. Now a lot of us sadly lack this enzym, which causes low energy levels without doing anything wrong. So this is a really great supplement for everybody. To boost optimum health, energy levels and your mood to!


Then the last one is Shiljit, this herb is the perfect solution of people who do a little too much. Their bodies are tired, there’s probably a lack of minerals. They can’t think or remember thing properly and after a workout they never feel sore. Now this herb is not only a great energy booster but also an immunity booster, it basically fills up all the empty tanks of minerals and with that improves better memory, is anti inflammatory and removes access fluid from the body. Which is just the entire package. Now I like to take this as a powder, and put it in my smoothies in the morning. And trust me, you’ll notice the benefits.

The benefits are endless after these simple changes. Such as your creativity, joy and calm natural states of being that has been lost, return naturally. Your productivity levels improve tremendously. And your daily energy levels to increase. This may seem like a fairytale now. But you can only judge once you tried it. So good luck!

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