We live in a fast paced world, full of unrealistic beauty standards and fake news. And most people are suffering from either depression, or anxiety. Now these two may seem polar opposites, but they are more similar than you may think. One of thing we can agree on is that we want to get rid of both. So today we prepared some of our best tested remedies, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies to help you naturally get rid of your anxiety and depression. And wake up happy, because that is exactly what you deserve.

Daily probiotics

One of the most important factors in walking through this life happy, is our gut health. Now this may seem a bit off to you, giving we are taught that mental and physical health are separate things. But this could not be further from the truth, not only are our brain and gut in direct correlation. But 80% of our daily serotonin ( happy hormone) is produced in the gut. Which is why probiotics are so important for a good mental health. Probiotics are supplements you take, preferable just before going to bed. That form the good bacteria in our gut, which helps to digest and absorb our food, produce certain hormones ( like serotonin ) and helps your mind stay energized and happy. Meaning if you want to heal and sooth your anxiety or depression, you want to look at your gut health and improve it.

Eating better

Eating the right foods, you are what you eat. And as I explained in the previous tip, our gut health is extremely important for good mental health. And sadly a lot of our daily energy gets wasted because we eat things that take energy, instead of give. And those foods are things like bread, donuts, croissants, pasta, white rice, sugary things, dairy. Now i am not saying these foods are ‘bad’ because nothing is good or bad. But because they take so much energy and make you feel lazy after (even if you don’t know it). It’s better to limit them. The 80/20 rule would be a perfect example for this, not restricting yourself, but limiting for 80%. If you’re unsure of what the 80/20 rule means, check the link down below. Because again, we are what we eat, and if our gut is healthy we can feel happy. If we eat dead, dried or fake things, we will be more likely to feel depressed or anxious.

Stabilizing the blood sugar

Stabilizing the blood sugar: eating at certain times every day.

Because our blood sugar dictates our energy level, it is very important to stabilize it. Because when our blood sugar is up and down, or really high up or down creates a lot of stress on your body, which lower your mood and makes you feel anxious when small things happen. So what can help is again, eating nourishing foods. But also eating at certain times everyday. So lets say at 8, 12, a snack at 4 and then again at 7. And doing this, everyday makes your body get used to it, and I can make it complicated, but your body will produce certain hormones for the coming food, around those times only. So it can stay calm, because it knows when to produce them, and how long it can digest before the next meal comes. And when our body is calm, our mind can calm down too. This little hack can reduces up to 55% of the anxiety overtime. Which is amazing.


Journaling daily at night or in the mornings. This is the best habit you can start for your mental health. It may seem like yet another task to add to your to-do, but the benefits really prove its worth. Most peoples fears and worries are stuck in their head. We don’t want to share it with others, and so it keeps repeating itself and stuck in our head. But just like when we talk it out, writing will help you come to a solution to your problems.

And you come to realize, the fear seems much bigger than it is. But not only that.

When you write out your worries and fears, you write everything that is on our chest off. You free your mind of these thoughts. And so overtime your mental health gets much better and clear. You see that the situations you write down, are actually not that bad. And that judgy voice is just wrong. So why don’t you try it. It takes less than 5 minutes and you get so for it much back.

Eating enough

Eating enough. When we don’t give our body what it needs, which is carbs, proteins, fats and vitamins. The body gets into a survival mode, and our body can not handle life in survival mode. So it either gets really active and gets you into a overthinking spiral and a lot of anxiety, or it makes you really tired and guides you into a long depressive chapter. And we want neither. So eating enough, and eating nourishing foods is a game changer.

Now getting into the herbal remedies to calm our mind and make us feel joyous again


The First herb I want to start with is Ashwaganda, now you may have heard of this herb before because its getting really popular and that’s amazing! Because Ashwaganda helps our mind get back to its relaxed state. So whether that is from stress to calm, or from depression to feeling good about life again. It helps with both. It helps us clear our mind, relax but also be focused and happy. So whether that is too far left, or too far right, this herb is the perfect balancer and knows what you need more of. So it is an amazing herb, you can get it in a powder to use in a smoothie, or get it into a dried pieces for tea. Thats up to you. Try drinking 2 cups spread over the day, overdoing it will not improve the benefits.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba, now this is my personal favourite herb.

Within our mind we have emotions, but as I explained before, the body and mind are very interconnected. So when we feel sad, or angry, stressed, our body produces certain hormones that bring a lot of stress on our system. Which in turn makes you feel easily triggerd, or done. Now what this herb does is, it clear the ‘negative’ hormones out of our system, so that the body can get back into a relaxed state, and produce its natural happy hormones! So its really amazing. Now this herb also boosts your energy levels so its better to drink in the morning. Again I recommend just drinking 1-2 cups a day, overdoing it will not improve the benefits.

California poppy

California poppy is a herb that stimulates the neurotransmitters that basically change your mood for the better. No you might be wondering, what? Well to make it basic we have these watchers in our system that look for anxiety or stress and shoot them with happy hormones. These are also often used as means to sedate anxiety, but that would be on way larger scales. In this natural herb, it beats the exhaustion and it clears your mind, it boosts your mood and gets you energized again.

Now this all may seem like a fairytale now, but we can only judge once we tried it. So give some of these tips a shot, and watch your life find balance again. You deserve it.

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