Never get migraines or headaches again. Headaches are little signs of your body that something is wrong with it. Whether that is an inflammation in the joints, are in the gut, or an allergy. Which is why there are a lot of different for headaches, that can even lead up to migraines. So here I’ve listed some of the most common, with their remedies. Along with some herbal medicine that can heal the annoying pain faster, and sooth the pain while its healing. So let’s get started.

Food intolerances/ allergies

Check in for any food intolerances or allergies at your doctors, or online. Both are really easy and even if you don’t find any allergy, you still took some good steps to your healthier self. We often don’t connect the two together, but for example: gluten intolerance are often the cause of severe headaches. This is because headaches are caused by inflammation and when we eat foods that we are ( unconsiously ), allergic to, you cause inflammation in the body. So again, a quick test can never do harm.

Stress or worry

Too much stress and overworking ourselves go hand in hand with different brain pains. This is because stress promotes the production of certain chemicals, that then cause physical changes such as in the blood vessels. And that then builds tension in our head. Now what can we do about it? Down below, I put a link full of tips and remedies that can make you live with a minimum of stress. But for now, limiting screen time, this may seem silly but this is a major game changer for reducing stress that is paired with headaches and migraines.


Rest is productive

Rest is productive, you are doing enough. Yes we live in a hustle society, and it seems like becoming successful or rich is the only solution to your problems. But we are just overworking our bodies so much, that our cup is empty, and every small event triggers your alarm bells and gives you even more headaches (whether that is immediately, or later that day).

Your diet

Now I can make a long story about it, but we are what we eat. We can help our bodies thrive with natural foods, or create a cycle of slowly getting more sick with highly processed, fried and fake foods.

B12 supplementing

Back in the day, when the soul was healthy, cows and chickens would freely graze the land, and people would eat the meats. They would a meal rich in B12. But sadly that is not the case anymore. Even if the animals could graze the land, the soils are not what they used to be. And so todays meat eaters, actually are way more deficient in B12, than most vegans. And that all comes down to supplementing vitamin B12. But why would you want to supplement B12? Well it is one of the greatest vitamins for brain health. And it is highly anti inflammatory, which is exactly how we reduce and even heal our brain pains fully.

Leafy greens

Full of vitamin K and Iron. The other great supporters of optimum brain health, and promoting healthy blood flow, and so more oxygen to the brain. You can easily put it into smoothies, make salads. And fill yourself up, and not only shake of the migraines for good, but also gain energy and improve your health.

More water with coffee

Our brain is made up of 70% of water. And this is absolutely necessary to keep. The sad thing is, most of us has become addicted to coffee as a need for energy. But what it does, is it dehydrates our body, a lot. So what we need to do, is drink at least 2 glasses of water, for 1 cup of coffee. But now only that, coffee comes with a lot of crashes. And these crashes are very annoying, but also very damaging for our brain health, and can also be a big cause of your headaches later on.

So limit the coffee to 2 a day, and watch your pains fade.

Together you can once and for all get rid of your brain pains, without pain killers. Because painkillers cannot cure the cause, they can only sooth the pain till it fades out again. Listed here are some of the best natural remedies to cure, and sooth the pain that comes with headaches and migraines.


Our body does a full body regeneration while we sleep. But it can only do that, when we get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. And the best thing is sleeping at the same time every day. This way your body gets used to the amount of day time compared to night time. Which supports you to get into the deep sleep state ( the healing state ), for easier and longer.


Because we sit, a lot. And then work out really hard ( or not ar all ), our muscles can become still and ‘dry’. And this can lead to a reduce of oxygen flow through the body. Which has a big impact on your brain health, and can lead to headaches and migraines. So by stretching daily, or doing yoga flows ( esp the neck-back area ). We create a great space for fresh oxygen flow and improved brain health. Because stretching ‘wets’ the muscles, it will on the long term help you get rid of headaches, because of the great flow of oxygen that is free to flow throughout day and night!

Now let’s get into the herbal remedies, to fasten up the healing proces, and sooth the pain.


A plant that consists of two substances called ‘Isopatasin’ and ‘Patasin’. Both are highly anti-inflammatory, and to put it basic, they kill the chemicals in the brain that cause the pain. So it is an instant reliever, while also healing and helping you get rid of the pain for good.

White Willow bark

Instant painkiller, it increases oxygen flow and it stimulates the enzymes that regenerate the brain cells. This herb is great for topic healing, so by using the oil, or the fresh herb. And making it into a balm and massaging that into the temples, is just the best painkiller for migraines. Down below I will put a link to a blog that explains step by step making a natural lotion fast and easy.



This one is one of my favorite because you can do so many great things with it. Spice up your dishes or make easy healing teas. Ginger is highly anti-bacterial, highly anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants. So it is the ultimate package to heal any illness for good. The herb is great for soothing pain, especially brain pains. And all while strengthening your immune system.

I recommend trying the diet changes, along with any of the other remedies for a minimum of two weeks. This way you will truly see the changes and feel better.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this, please share it with them.