Journaling and writing has become more and more popular, (as it should). But what is it actually good for? Why should you want to do it? And most importantly, how to start? In todays post, we will explain all the benefits, different ways to journal and some handy ways to start your new habit, now.

First things first

We all got a lot on our mind, we all live in a fast paced world, and we all could use more rest than we can get. But stating the obvious, is not helping anyone. Because we lead such a fast paced and stressful life. We need an outlet. We need a way to clear our mind off of the day, so that tomorrow we can start a new. Because if we don’t clear our mind once in a while. We get piles and piles of thoughts, to do lists, people to mail back, etc etc. And with choas in your mind, there is no focus, no peace and life becomes way less fun.

So let’s get on a happier note. Journaling brings many benefits, but what are they?

Less anxiety, more peace

As I’ve mentioned earlier. When we don’t clear our minds once in a while, we create piles off to do lists, worries, etc. And this brings the effect of anxiety, of being easily overwhelmed because there is simply too much in your head. So by daily writing, clearing out what you are worrying about, writing about your fears, or simply writing about random thoughts that keep clouding your mind. You literally write it off your chest and out of your mind. Doing this, on the long term creates a much more peaceful state of mind. Which then results in my next benefit.

Deeper and longer focus

Yes, I am talking about focus. When there is more ‘free space’ in our mind, we can easily focus on the task at hand, and keep the focus for a longer period of time. This way you can become much more productive, and better at work without becoming overwhelmed. And with results that give you even more peace. Win win, right?

You realize

A lot of people carry worry and fears with them. About the future, or a new opportunity, whatever it may be. But when we write it down, we usually realize, how silly the worries are. Every roadblock can be overcome, if we can see it as a roadblock. Instead of a inevitable disaster. So by making it a habit to write down your fears or worries at night, you will most likely see, that the situation is not that bad, and that there is a solution. Because writing let’s you step away from the problem, and observe it. Instead of immediately reacting to it. And before you know it, the worries fade away, and you will become a much carefree and happier you.

More peace is more serotonin

Now we can make this a lot harder, but basically, when our mind, and body is not clouded with ‘worry hormones’ and stress. It can create serotonin a lot faster, and a lot more. Now you may be wondering, what is serotonin? It is the happy hormone. This hormone changes your mood from worry, to everything is going to be alright and I am happy to be alive! And let’s be honest, we could all use a little boost of that sometimes.

On track

Now last, but certainly not least. Journaling as a habit helps you grow more discipline. It helps you choose long lasting results over temporary pleasures. Because let’s be honest, sometimes you really do not want to do it. But when you choose to do it, instead of scrolling some more. You show your self that you are worth it. You are worth of a peaceful, happy mind. You are worthy of your goals, the only things standing in between is you. And this may sound silly. But by daily journaling, you get to know yourself, your fears, what is holding you back and most importantly, why. So by journaling you can overcome those thoughts, and get after the things you deserve.

You are not crazy

We all have thoughts we rather not share with others. We can all get carried away by fears, but do not have the heart to tell another person. And that is okay! That is why journaling is such a great way to release you from those thoughts and fears. By just writing them off you chest, however weird you might think they are, will help you let them go. You can even burn the pages if you want to ( safely ofcourse ). But when we write down things we fear, even if it’s silly. We literally write them away from our head, and onto a paper sheet. And when you read the page, after some days. You will quickly realize, you are not that crazy. Maybe a little, but those thoughts, are not you. And they do not get to have any power over you, so just let them go. Write them down, and get on with your life.

Can look like this

Your new habit can look like this, let’s say you want to wake up refreshed. You take 5-10 minutes before you go to bed. Or in bed. And write down what is on your mind. It can be one page, or two. Just start small. It does not have to make sense, you can even just write everything that comes into your mind and go from there. You do not have to start with dear diary, although you can if you want to. But just writing down what is bothering you is already a great way to start. Down below I’ve listed some journal prompts, or questions that can help you get started.


How am I really feeling right now?

If I had to grade today ( 1-10 ), what would it be?

What can I change for myself to make it better?


What am I grateful for right now?

Does my daily life make me happy and proud?

What can I do more of everyday, to make myself happier?


What is bringing me down?

What positive aspect does it bring into my life?

Is it better to let that thing/ those people go?

If so, how can I let go of that?

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