Are multivitamins better than Whole Foods? Todays post is full of tips, personal research and experiments, to help you on your journey to your best health. There are many different studies, contradicting one another. So without telling you what to do, I hope you learn more, and choose the option that speaks best to you.

Why multi vitamins

The number one reason people take multi vitamins, is because of convenience. We all want to be healthy, and happy. But not all of us have the money, nor time to dedicate your entire life to your health. Which is why multi vitamins are a great source of vitamins, without changing your daily life/diet.

But is it effective?

While these pills are great to take for some boost in vitamins. They are not the best option for a healthier life. This is because our bodies need a mix of specific vitamins, enzymes and fibers to best absorb the nutrients. Now this may sound difficult, but it’s really not.


Let’s look at a common food, in Autumn. When the weather gets colder, we need an immunity boost. We do not want to get a runny nose, or get sick. And so what is naturally growing around that time, is pumpkin! Now what does this have to do with multi vitamins? Pumpkin has a natural mix of Kalium, Vitamin C and D while containing a lot of fiber and Iron. Exactly what is needed, for the body to absorb all the vitamins in the food.


To get more specific, our body needs fiber to absorb nutrients and vitamins. Yet when we take a single multi vitamin, fiber is not included. Now this of course is fixed because we take it with a meal. But still, we are not getting the specific fiber-vitamin combination that promotes the absorption. What we are getting is a overload of all kinds of vitamins, that are body is not used to getting.

A bit of a shock

Now to be real, if we were to look at our diet, we are not getting an overload of vitamins of our everyday meals. Which is why we take things like multi vitamins. But when our body is not used to getting a overload of vitamins. Why do we think a shock of all sorts of vitamins will be good for our system? Our body needs to work over hours to absorb all of it, without having the proper resources for it. And most of the time, our body is not in best shape already, so a shock is not requested.

No miracle pill

So although supplements are great, taking a multivitamin to cure your disease, or make you healthier will not work on the long term. Yes in a short time you will get rid of your runny nose, or you will not get sick. But taking it over time will not do much for your overall health.


Which is why we, at Grow True Health, as well as many others, love our alternatives. But again, it is all completely up to you.

Whole foods: fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans.

Cooked or raw, made into a juice or a salad, all up to you.

This way, you will absorb all the nutrients that the food contains much better, you will get a whole meal in, and heal your body while you’re eating anyway. Whole Foods, or a

healthy diet, is the ultimate cure for any disease. Our daily diet is 70% of how good or immune system works, how we feel, etc. Which is why, we are what we eat. And which is why, whole foods should always be our medicine for better health.


Not only packed with antioxidants ( the little nutrients that fight radiation, inflammation and improve overall health ). They are again, a beautiful mixture of exactly what your body needs, to absorb it all. Now there are many different herbs, and all with different healing properties. And so the great thing about them, is that when we search for a way to balance our hormones. We can find different herbs ( and even mixtures ), filled with vitamins and enzymes, that your body needs at that time. We do not need 100% of every vitamin, every day. So when we look for specific healing, in nature you will find specific remedy mixtures.

Here are 5 fives you can use herbs:


Now I know I spoke about multi vitamins a lot already. But an alternative to a shock of all the vitamins. A much more effective way is to check what it is that you need more of. And supplement on those things. This way, you will not only improve your health in a much gentler way. But you can also slowly build it up, have your body get used to it. So that over time, the absorption of these supplements will be much more effective. When we steer away from shocking our system, and slowly take more and more of a specific vitamin ( or mix of a few ), our body gets used to it. It starts to create certain enzymes that increase our health, and thus without having to go raw vegan. We can become a healthier, and happier version of ourselves!

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