Have you been wondering about Kundalini and what the kundalini Activation Process is all about? So have we. Which is why we have prepared this beautiful interview with Susanne today.

Susanne van de Heijde is a dutch herbalist and Kundalini Activator. She had felt the call to work with energy, and so she followed that feeling. First she went through a training and a lot of personal transformation, which felt magical she said. And bit by bit started to connecting back to the light that was within her, the joy, freedom and energy she missed for a long time. She didn’t have to look outside of herself anymore, as it was all within. And that is how Susanne knew, she wanted to help other people come home to this light within too.

What is kundalini energy

In Sanskrit, kundalini means “coiled snake,” and it is believed that divine energy was created at the base of the spine. It’s energy we are born with, our sacred energy that we lose touch with through stress, trauma and limiting beliefs of today’s society. It it the energy of boundless joy, lightless and love. 

Now this may sound very out there, and you also don’t have to agree with everything written here. 

But opening our minds to just the possibility of having this energy within, may help you open up to it, if you want to.

What is the Kundalini Activation Process: KAP

Kundalini Activation Process is a way to clear your energy so that your kundalini energy can rise once again. In the process I help you release blocks or emotions so that your energy can flow freely again. And when our energy can flow freely, we can let go of unwanted stress and feeling stuck or unworthy. This way we can open up to love, and joy that we felt as a kid. We can go through life more freely, without the fear or shame past experiences brought us.

The shaking you may have seen is literally stuck energy getting loose. And through this shaking, and activation we get back to our child-like wonder, and joy. A clean slate once again.

What is your intention for this Activation

For Susanne this process is all about bringing people back to their light within. We all have had experiences that dimmed this light. Through trauma, big or small, wee have developed fear or shame around these memories and these emotions sit inside our bodies if we don’t feel them and release them. And bit by bit we have dimmed this light. The light that made us energetic, and playful, the light that made us happy without having to achieve or prove anything.

That is what I want to bring people back to, so that they can light themselves and the people around them up again. Because we need more light in this world, in my opinion, Susanne says.

How can this helps people heal

That is different for everyone. Every person has had different experiences, and has different blocks. Some people notice a massive change after one session, while others need more session to even feel anything. This has to do with you ability to let go, to surrender. And that is hard when you have been holding on to intense emotions for a long time.

What I hear most of my clients say is that they notice an empty feeling being removed, one they weren’t even aware of before. Other experience a rising of a traumatic feeling they have felt before, and after the rising they feel it being released from their bodies. And afterwards most people feel some type of playful and content feeling. This process brings people back to who they were as a kid, who they are in their hearts. And so this process helps to release fear, or some type of block that prevents them from coming back to their essence. Which is exactly why the process is different for everyone. 

This process helps you to take the steps towards your True self, to feel the joy of being alive once again.

Some benefits of the KAP can be:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Feeling more connected to yourself and what you want
  • More True confidence
  • More focus
  • Less fear
  • New found talents
  • Releasing of old trauma
  • Deeper relationships
  • New life goals.

Who needs this Activation Process

The people who feel called to. Not because they want to prove something, or want to try the next trending process. This process is for people who are ready to release everything they are not, and to get back to who they were before life told them who that should be. It can be intense, as you stir up old and stuck emotions. But nothing ever comes up that is not ready to be released, so you are completely safe during my sessions. 

So if you feel ready to be step forward into who you are, and release all that you are not, this process is for you.



If you want to connect with Susanne you can do so by clicking on her Dutch website:



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